(flowers in a circle). Cyclanthacese. A tropical American genus of 4 species giving name to a small order which is allied to the palms. They are acaulescent palm-like herbs with a milky juice: leaves long-stalked, entire or bi-furcate, the segments lanceolate, 1-nerved: flowers fragrant. The species are not in the American trade. Cult, of Carludovica (which see). C. bipartitus, Poit., of Guiana, has leaves sometimes divided into 2 long narrow lobes, the petioles being 3-6 ft. long: spadix straight and cylindrical, in a 4-lvd. yellow spathe, the scape 2 ft. long. G.W. 8, p. 153; 15, p. 610. C. cristatus, Klotzsch, of Colombia, has short-stalked bifid leaves, with the parts falcate and connivent: spadix about 8 in. long. G.W. 8, p. 202. C. discolor, Hort., has young leaves streaked with brown-orange: leaves bifid, the parts lanceolate, acuminate, the margins frilled. Probably S. Amer. C. Godseffianus, Hort., exhibited in 1892, "has noble leaves of a rich green color, oblong, obovate, tapering to a sheathing stalk." Sander.