(allied to Kentia, differing, among other things, in having a lateral protuberance or tumor on the fruit, whence the name). Palmaceae. Feather-lvd. robust spineless palms, of very few species in New Caledonia, suitable for the warmhouse but little grown. The leaves are terminal and pinnate-parted, the segments long-swordshaped and narrowed at apex, the margins at base recurved: spathe-valves 2, deciduous, bearing stout glabrous branching spadices; flowers diclinous, the stamens 6 or 12: fruit small, globose or ellipsoidal. Engler and Prantl combine Cyphosperma and Micro-kentia with this genus, comprising, about 10 species, all of New Caledonia. The original species are: C. robusta, Brongn., with the branches of the spadix thick and long-cylindrical, fruit reniform-ellipsoidal, stigma not prominent above the base, and seeds reniform; C. macrostachya, Brongn., with long flexuose spadix branches, globose fruit, lateral stigma, and usually subglobose seeds. The cyphokentias probably require the treatment given arecas.

L H. B.