(Samuel Dale, 1659-1739, English botanist and author on pharmacology). Syn. Parosela. Legu-minosse. More than 100 herbs and small shrubs bearing purple, blue, white or even yellow flowers in terminal or lateral spikes or heads, odd-pinnate leaves, and usually glandular-dotted, a very few of which have been cultivated; probably none is now in the American trade. Flowers papilionaceous, the standard mostly cordate or eared and clawed and attached in the bottom of the calyx, the wings and keel attached or adnate to the stamen-tube and usually exceeding the standard; stamens 10 or 9, monadelphous: fruit a small usually 1-seeded mostly indehiscent pod inclosed in the calyx. The species occur from the N. U. S. to Chile and the Galapagos Isls. They grow in the U. S., mostly on prairies and in dry soil; some of these species might make acceptable border plants. Those that have received most attention are tropical species, as D. mutdbilis, Willd., of Mex., with flowers white changing to violet, (B. M. 2486) and D. Mutisii, Kunth (properly Psordlea Mutisii, HBK.), of the northern Andes, with deep blue flowers in cylindrical heads; these are to be regarded as greenhouse perennials. l.

H. B.