(Karl Deering, died 1749; born in Saxony, practicing physician in London and author of catalogue of plants of England). Amarantaceae. About a half-dozen species of climbing herbs or sub-shrubs, from Madagascar to Austral., one of which is offered in Calif. Leaves alternate: flowers dioecious or perfect, numerous and small, in terminal spiciferous panicles; parts of flower 5, spreading under the succulent indehiscent fruit; stamens 5, united into a ring. D. baccata, Moq. (D. celosioides, R. Br.), in Austral., E. Indies and elsewhere, is a smooth woody climber, 10-12 ft.: leaves ovate or ovate-lanceolate, acuminate, entire: flowers in slender interrupted spikes 1 ft. or less long, greenish white: berry red, nearly globular, 1/4in- or less diam. B.M. 2717. The plant offered as D. variegata, described as a slender-growing shrub that will climb if shoots are trained up, long spikes of white flowers, and leaves margined with white, is probably a form of this species, or it may be Bosea Amherstiana (D. Amherstiana, Wall.), which has a form with variegated leaves L. H. B.