New Guinea. B.M. 7745. - D. Jerdonianum, Wight=D. nutans. - D. kardense, Schlecht. Flowers solitary in axil of If. at apex of the stem, small, white. A curious species. New Guinea. - D. Madonnee, Rolfe=D. rhodostictum. - D. monophyllum, F. Muell. In habit resembling a bulbophyllum: racemes with 9-15 greenish yellow flowers Austral. - D. Mortii, F. Muell. Flowers solitary; sepals and petals light yellow; lip whitish, marked with lilac with 3 undulate green keels on disk. New S. Wales. - D. muricatum munificum, Finet.= Inobulbon munificum. - D. nutans, Lindl. Flowers short, in few-fid. racemes, golden; sheaths hispidulous. Malabar. B.M. 7741. C.O. 28 (as D. Jerdonianum). - D. puniceum, Rolfe. Flowers in racemes, light rose-pink, with light yellow tips to the sepals and petals. New Guinea. - D. quinarium, Rolfe. "Flowers light yellow with several light brown nerves in front of lip." New Guinea. - D. rhodostictum, F. Muell. Flowers white, with a few purple spots on margins of lateral lobes of lip.

New Guinea. B.M. 7900 (as D. Madonna;). G.C. III. 43:162. - D. rosellum, Ridley. Flowers rose-colored. Borneo. - D. roseo-nervatum, Schlecht. Flowers pale rose, borne at the summits of the stems Sumatra. - D. Sanderae, Rolfe. Pseudobulbs up to 3 ft. long, leafy: racemes lateral, 3-4-flowered; flowers large, white, the lip with purple stripes on the disk and lateral lobes, the middle lobe obovate, truncate, crenulate. S. E. Asia. B.M. 8351. G.C. III. 45:374. G.M. 52:621. O.R. 17:209. - D. Schinzii, Rolfe. Flowers pale green, very fugacious. Sumatra. - D. Schuetzei, Rolfe. Flowers very large, white. A new species of the D. Dearii group. - D. senile, Pav. & Reichb. f. Pseudobulbs fusiform, hairy, as are the leaves: flowers in pairs or solitary, fleshy, rich yellow, with a few orange streaks on lip. Burma, Tenasserim. Moulmein. B.M. 5520. G.W. 9, p. 422. - D. spathaceum, Lindl. A small species with slender pseudobulbs: flowers white. Sikkim. - D. speciosum fusiforme, Bailey. Pseudobulbs fusiform: flowers pale sulfur or straw-color to nearly white, the lip white, marked with violet.

Austral. G. 33:361. G.C. III. 41:337. - D. spectabile, Miq. Pseudobulbs up to 2 ft., clavate, grooved: flowers 3 in. across, white, streaked and spotted with dark purple, the sepals and petals undulate, recurved, the former triangular-lanceolate, the petals much narrower; lip undulate, narrowly panduriform, the narrow lanceolate tip recurved. New Guinea and Solomon Isls. B.M. 7747. CO. 22. A.G. 21:239. G.M. 43:53. variety Simmondsii, Hort. Lip much longer than in the type, white, veined with dark purple. - D. spurium, J. J. Smith. Flowers solitary; sepals and petals white. A distinct and singular species. Java, Borneo. - D. striatum, Hort. "Sepals and petals narrow and nearly equal; labellum as long as petals, narrow, with sides folded back, whitish tinged with rose." Philippines. - D.subacaule, Reinw. Flowers fragrant, white speckled with purple on lip; lip with very short apiculate middle lobe. Queensland. -D. taurinum, Lindl. Pseudobulbs cylindric: racemes many-flowered; flowers large, the sepals white, the petals and lip pale rose, intensely striated. Philippines. G.C. III. 31:90. B.R. 29:28. - D. ton/c-ininse, De Wild. Lip entire, furnished with crests, the median one very prominent.

Tonquin. - D. Treacherianum, Reichb. f. = Sarcopodium Treacherianum. - D. triflorum, Lindl.=Sarcopodium cymbidioides. - D. undulatum variety Broomfieldii, Fitzgerald. Flowers pale greenish yellow. N. Austral. - D. Victoriae-reginae, Loher. Racemes few-flowered; sepals and petals white at the base, violet-purple above, the lip golden at the base, violet-purple above, marked with black-purple lines of papilla?. Philippines. G.M. 51:610; 54:556. Gn. 75, p. 370. C.O. 21. O.R. 20:17. - D. Williamsii, Day & Reichb. f. Pseudobulbs up to 1 ft. tall, hairy, as well as the leaves: flowers usually in pairs, 2 1/2-3 in. across, ivory-white or yellowish, the throat of lip bright orange-red. N. E. India. B.M. 7974. G.C. III. 35:341. - D. Wllsonii, Rolfe. Racemes 2- or 3-flowered; flowers delicate pink or nearly white, with small yellow blotch on disk of lip. W. China. - D. Wolteridnum, Schltr. Racemes many-flowered; flowers rose-colored. New Guinea.

The following are some of the hybrid forms: D. Ainsworthii, Moore (D. aureum X D. nobile). Flowers white, more or less suffused with rose, the lip with a feathered purple spot. C.O. 1. Gn. 51, p. 338. G.C. II. 16:624. J.H. III. 62:281. - D. Apollo grandiflorum =D. rubens. - D. Artemis=D. aureum X D. Ainsworthii. O.R. 14:72. - D. Aspdsia=D. aureum X D. Wardianum. O.R. 1:137. - D. burfordiense=D. aureum xD. Linawianum. G 29:35. - D. Cassiope=D. moniliforme x D. nobile. C.O. 2. - D. chrysodiscus= D. Ainsworthii X D. Findlayanum. - D. Curtisii'=D. aureum xD. Cassiope. Gn. 69, p. 145. O.R. 14:73. - D. Dalhousii-nobile = D. nobile XD. pulchellum. G.C. III. 27:379. - D. dominydnum=D. nobile X D. Linawianum. - D. dulce=D. aureum X D. Linawianum. -D. Edithse=D. nobile nobilusXD. aureum. - D. endocharis= D. aureum XD. monileforme. G. 32:293. G.Z. 36, p. 195. - D. eudsmum=D. endocharis x D. nobile. - D. Leechianum=D. aureum xD. nobile. R.H. 1904:280. C.O. la. - D. melanodiscus gloridsa=D. Ainsworthii X D. Findlayanum. G.C. III. 35:219. - D. melanodiscus pdllens=D. Ainsworthii X D. Findlayanum. J.H. III. 50:25. - D. Raeblingidnum,=D. nobile X D. ramosum. Gn. 59, p. 198, desc. - D. Rolfex=D. nobile xD. primulinum. - D. Rdl/ese rdseum=D. nobile xD. primulinum.

Gn. W. 18:541. - D. rubens grandifldrum=D. Ainsworthii X D. nobile. G.M. 53:206. - D. Schneideridnum=D. aureum xD. Findlayanum. - D. splendidis-simum grandifidrum=T). nobile XD. aureum. G.M. 43:179. Gn. 65, p. 140. - D. Thwditesx=D. Ainsworthii X D. Wiganite. G.M. 47:273. - D. Venus=D. nobile xD. Falconeri. G.M. 51:459. C.O. 3. - D. Wigdnix=D. nobile X D. signatum. - D. Wigdnix xanthochilum=D. nobile X D. signatum. Gn. W.20:161. - D. Wig-anidnum="D. Hildebrandii X D. nobile. G.M. 44:167. - D. xanth-ocentron=D. Wardianum X D. Linawianum.

George V. Nash.