hh. Sepals and petals glabrous externally. I. Pseudobulbs gradually attenuated from a thick bulbous base.

Section IX. Species 60.

ii. Pseudobulbs not bulbous at base. J. Flowers, at least the lip, purple or red.

Section X. Species 61-63.

jj. Flowers white or yellow.

Section XI. Species 64-75.

cc. Pseudobulbs fusiform - thickened above base, attenuated beyond.

Section XII. Species 76.

Section I

a. Pseudobulbs leafy at base, naked above. 1. Macfarlanei aa. Pseudobulbs leafy throughout.........2. anceps

1. Macfarlanei, Reichb

Pseudobulbs erect, nearly cylindric, up to 9 in. tall, 2-3-lvd.: leaves 3-4 in. long: racemes 8-15-flowered; flowers 4-5 in. across, white, except the purple markings on lateral and middle lobes of lip. New Guinea.

2. Anceps, Lindl

Pseudobulbs tufted, compressed, 5-8 in. long: leaves up to 3 in. long, fleshy, laterally compressed: flowers axillary, solitary or in very short racemes, lemon-yellow at maturity. tropical Himalayas. B.R. 1239. B.M. 3608 and L.B.C. 19:1895 (as Aporum anceps).

Section II

A. Raceme 1-2-, rarely 3-flowered B. Mentum of flowers very short; sepals and petals green, yellow-margined..... 3. cruentum

BB. Mentum of flowers long, extinguisher-shaped. c. Sepals and petals white, not keeled. d. Flowers 1 1/2-2 in. across; lateral lobes of lip manifest. e. Middle lobe yellow, reflexed; lateral lobes yellowish green. 4. scabrilingue ee. Middle lobe white, yellow-marked, fimbriate......... 5. longicornu dd. Flowers 3 in. across; lateral lobes of lip indistinct............... 6. infundibulum cc. Sepals yellowish white, keeled..... 7. cariniferum aa. Raceme 3-8-flowered

b. Flowers yellow...................... 8. Lowii bb. Flowers white.

c. Petals broad, oval or obovate...... 9. f ormosum cc. Petals oblong-lanceolate, narrow.. . 10. draconis

3. Cruentum, Reichb

Pseudobulbs erect, 10-12 in. tall: flowers 1 1/2-2 in. across; sepals triangular-ovate, keeled; petals linear; lip 3-lobed, the lateral lobes scarlet, the middle lobe pale green, red-margined. Malay Penins. G.C. III. 18:91.

4. Scabrilingue, Lindl

Pseudobulbs erect, 8-14 in. tall: flowers about 1 1/2 in. across; sepals and petals similar, ovate-lanceolate, white; lip 3-lobed, the lateral lobes yellow-green, the middle lobe reflexed, yellow with orange-yellow lines. Burma. B.M. 5515 (as D. hedyosmum).

Dendrobium Dearei. (X 1/2)

Fig. 1235. Dendrobium Dearei. (X 1/2)

5. Longicornu, 'Lindl

Pseudobulbs 8-14 in. tall, slender: flowers 2-3 in. across, white except a central orange or yellow band on lip; sepals and petals similar, elliptic-oblong; lip fimbriate; spur slender. Burma. B.R. 1315.

6. Infundibulum, Lindl

Pseudobulbs up to 2 ft. long, cylindric, slender: flowers about 3 in. across, white except the yellow blotch on the lip; sepals oblong-elliptic, less than half as broad as the nearly rhomboid petals; lip resembling a wide-mouthed funnel. Burma. B.M. 5446. I.H. 21:172. CO. 6. variety Jamesianum, Hort. (D. Jamesianum, Reichb.). Pseudobulbs stouter and stiffer: lateral lobes of lip roughened on the inner surface; disk cinnabar. Gn. W. 9:485.

7. Cariniferum, Reichb

Pseudobulbs 6-10 in. tall, nearly cylindric: flowers about 1 1/2 in. across; sepals yellowish white, fading white, narrower than the ovate white petals; lip 3-lobed, the triangular lateral lobes redorange, the middle lobe hairy, red-orange at the base, the front part white or pale orange; spur long, obtuse. Burma.

8. Lowii, Lindl

Pseudobulbs 8-15 in. tall, slender: flowers 1 1/2-2 in. across, buff-yellow; sepals narrower than the undulate petals; lip distinctly 3-lobed, the lateral lobes tipped with red, the oblong middle lobe reflexed, marked with 6 lines of red hairs. Borneo. B.M. 5303. F.S. 23:2395. CO. 30.

9. Formosum, Roxbg

Pseudobulbs up to 1 1/2 ft. tall, cylindric: flowers 3-4 in. across, white except the yellow mark on lip; sepals oblong-elliptic, about half as broad as the obovate petals; lip refuse, erose. Khasia Hills. B.R. 25:64. F.S. 3:226. P.M. 6:49. CO. 8. O.R. 15: frontispiece. variety giganteum, Hort. Flowers 4-5 in. across. G.C III. 24:471. Gng. 1:118-9. F.E. 10:1240. F.S.16:1633-4. G. 25:385.

10. draconis, Reichb. Pseudobulbs up to 1 1/2 ft. tall: flowers about 1 1/2 in. across, white except for some orange-red stripes at base of lip; sepals narrower than the petals; lip 3-lobed, the lateral lobes small, the oblong-oval middle lobe crisped and minutely toothed. Burma. B.M. 5459 (as D. eburneum).

Section III

a. Raceme secund.....................11. secundum

AA. Raceme not secund.

B. Bracts small: racemes not capitate.

c. Flowers rosy purple, about 1 in. across.. 12. cumulatum cc. Flowers white, about 2 1/2 in. across.....13. Dearei

BB. Bracts large, colored: racemes capitate 14. Bullenianum

11. Secundum, Wall

Pseudobulbs up to 2 ft. tall, cylindric: flowers narrow, less than 1 in. long, rosy purple, on one side of the raceme; lip with an apical orange blotch. Sumatra. B.R. 1291. B.M. 4352. CO. 35. variety niveum, Hort. Flowers white.

12. Cumulatum, Lindl

Pseudobulbs up to 2 ft. long, pendulous: flowers rosy purple, in short racemes with a purple axis; sepals and petals similar, oblong; lip oblong-obovate; spur obtuse, slightly curved. Burma. B.M. 5703.

13. Dearei, Reichb

Fig. 1235. Pseudobulbs up to 3 ft. long: flowers white, 2-2 1/2 in. across, in 5-7-flowered racemes; sepals lanceolate, acuminate, about one-third as broad as the oval petals; lip oblong, obscurely 3-lobed, a pale yellowish green band across the middle; spur funnel-shaped, elongated. Philippines. V.O. 3:37. G.W. 1:225. 0.1912:18. CO. 36.

14. Bullenianum, Reichb. F

(D. salaccense, Hort., not Lindl. D. erythroxanthum, Reichb. f.). Pseudobulbs 10-18 in. tall: racemes densely fid.; flowers yellow, striped with purple; dorsal sepal and petals oblong; lateral sepals oblong, acute, about as long as the obtuse spur; lip oblong, from a long linear base, acute. Philippines.