32. Nobile, Lindl

Fig. 1236. Pseudobulbs up to 2 ft. long, erect or nearly so, tufted, nearly round: flowers in 2's or 3's, 2 1/2-3 in. across; sepals and petals white, the upper portion, varying in extent, amethyst-purple, the sepals ligulate, the petals broader, oblong-oval, wavy-margined; lip with a broad nearly orbicular blade, downy, a large rich maroon spot in the center, inclosed by a cream-white zone, the apex amethyst-purple. Himalayas to China. P.M. 7:7. CO. 1. O.R. 5:209; 9:73. CM. 47:425. J.H. III. 48:511; 56:511. variety albi-fidrum, Hort. Flowers white, with a black-purple spot on thelip. O.R.2:113;9:73. variety album,Hort. Flowers pure white. variety Amesiae, Hort. Similar to the preceding, but flowers larger. variety Armstrongiae, Hort. Sepals and petals pure white, of great size; lip very dark maroon-purple. variety Ashworthianum, Hort. Flowers pure white, except the green mouth of the lip. variety Ballia-num, O'Brien. Sepals and petals white; lip yellowish white or white with 2 crimson spots.

C.O. 1 b. variety coerulescens, Reichb. (D. coerulescens, Lindl.). Shorter and more slender pseudobulbs: flowers smaller and of a deeper color, and the lip-blade more oval. variety Colmanianum, Hort. A large, pure white variety with a sulfur-yellow disk to the lip. variety Cooksonianum, Reichb. f. Petals concave, approaching the lip in form, erect, with a large basal maroon blotch. C.O. la. O.R. 2:113; 9:73. variety elegans, Hort. Flowers larger and more symmetrical; petals broader, the base white; a pale sulfur-yellow zone inclosing the maroon spot on lip, which has a rose-purple apex. variety for-mosanum, Reichb. f. Pseudobulbs somewhat longer, pendulous: flowers with longer pedicels, the tips of the petals and lip only purple, the mouth and mentum green. variety jaspidium, Hort. Flowers very showy; apex of segments red variegated with purple. variety murrhi-niacum, Hort. Like variety Ballianum, but finer: sepals and petals slightly tinged violet; disk rich violet, finely veined with rose-violet. variety nobilius, Reichb. f. Flowers larger, the sepals and petals, except at the base, deep purple; lip large, rose-tipped, deep purple in the mouth. C.O. lc.

CM. 46:193. O.R. 2:113; 9:73. variety Owenianum, Hort. variety Rajah, Hort. Like variety albiflorum, but sepals and petals broader and flushed with delicate pink. variety Rothwellianum, Hort. variety Sanderianum, Reichb. f. Resembles variety nobiliusbut flowers smaller, the color more intense, the sepals and petals broader, the lip with a large black purple spot, the surrounding white zone larger. R. 58. O.R. 2:113: 9:73. variety Schneiderianum, Reichb. f. Lip suffused with yellow, and with a deep purple spot. variety Schrce-derianum, Hort. Larger flowers with broader segments, the sepals and petals white, sometimes tipped with amethyst; lip with an almost black spot, bordered with pale yellow, passing into white. variety summitense, Hort. variety Tollianum, Reichb. f. Pedicels twisted, the flowers therefore appearing inverted; flowers not fully opening. variety virginale, Hort. Flowers pure white, except a pale primrose tinge on the lip. G.C. III. 35:357. G.M.52: 394. O.R. 5:145; 8:121.

Dendrobium nobile. ( X 1/6)

Fig. 1236. Dendrobium nobile. ( X 1/6)

33. Wardianum, Warner

Pseudobulbs up to 3 ft. long, round, pendulous: flowers in 2's or 3's, 3-4 in. across; sepals and petals white, oblong, usually tipped with amethyst, about half as wide as the white oval petals which are amethyst-tipped; lip white with an amethyst apical blotch, the throat yellow, with a maroon spot on each side. B.M. 5058. I.H. 24:277. F.R. 1:231. Gn. 47, p. 84. R.B. 23:25. J.H. III. 30:454; 32:237; 42:211. G.M. 45:744. CO. 5. O.R. 2:177; 8:177; 9: frontispiece. R. 9. variety album, Williams. Flowers white, except the yellow throat with 2 purple-crimson spots. C.O. 5a. variety aureum, Hort. Sepals and petals light yellow. variety Fowleri, Hort. Lateral sepals with yellow markings and purple blotch as in the lip. G.C. III. 31:125. variety xantholeucum, Hort. Flowers pure white, with a large orange-yellow disk to the lip.

34. Regium, Prain

Pseudobulbs up to 1 ft. long, cylindric: flowers in2's or 3's, nearly 3 in. across; sepals and petals purple-rose, darker veined, obtuse, the sepals oblong, narrower than the ovate or oval petals; lip with the limb nearly orbicular, purple-rose, the throat yellow, surrounded by a cream-white zone. India. B.M. 8003. G.C. III. 42:122.

35. Rhodopterygium, Reichb. F

Pseudobulbs up to 2 ft. long, erect, cylindric: flowers about 2 1/2in- across; sepals and petals rosy purple, mottled with white; sepals oblong-lanceolate; petals oblong-ovate; lip crimson-purple, striated, white-margined, denticulate, with a central pale longitudinal band. Burma and Moulmein.

36. Brymerianum, Reichb. F

Pseudobulbs up to 2 ft. long, rather stout, a little enlarged at the middle: flowers solitary or in few-fid. racemes, about 3 in. across, golden yellow; sepals broadly lanceolate, acutish, a little broader than the linear-oblong obtuse petals; lip with lateral lobes erect, fimbriated with short ciliate flexuous divisions, the middle lobe ovate, fimbriate with very long branched ciliate divisions; disk papillose. Burma. B.M. 6383. A.F. 6:609. G.C. II. 11:475; 16:689. F.M. n. s. 459. R. 92. Lind. 4:183. G.Z.30:121. O.R.12:249; 16:24.

37. Dalhousieanum, Wall

Pseudobulbs 2-4 ft. long, round, rather slender: racemes pendulous, 6-10-fld; flowers 4-5 in. across; sepals and petals pale yellow, tinted and veined with rose, the sepals ovate-lanceolate, much narrower than the ovate petals; lip concave, hairy in front, with 2 large fringed purple spots near the base. Burma. B.R. 32:10. I.H. 28:423. Gn. 48:222. G.C. III. 21:157. P.M.11:145. F.S. 7:698. CO. 7. variety luteum, Hort. Flowers tinted sulfur-yellow, with crimson disks at base of lip.

38. Moschatum, Wall

Pseudobulbs up to 6 ft. tall, cylindric: racemes 5-15-flowered; flowers 3-4 in. across, faintly fragrant of musk; sepals and petals pale yellow, tinted pale rose at apex, veined and reticulated, the sepals much narrower than petals; lip slipper-shaped, pale yellow, with 2 large maroon spots encircled with orange, the front part hairy. India. B.M. 3837. B.R. 1779 (as D. cupreum). P.M. 2:241: variety Calceolaria, Veitch Man. Flowers smaller, orange-yellow, with deeper veins and reticulation, and deeper spots on lip. C.O. 13.

39. Dixanthum, Reichb. F

Pseudobulbs up to 3 ft. tall, erect, somewhat clavate: racemes 2-6-flowered; flowers yellow, with an orange mark on lip; sepals and petals acute, the former lanceolate, narrower than the oblong, serrulate petals; lip serrulate, the blade nearly orbicular. Moulmein and Tenasserim. B.M. 5564.

40. Fimbriatum, Hook

Pseudobulbs 3-5 ft. tall, cylindric: racemes 6-12-flowered, pendulous; flowers 2-3 in. across; sepals and petals bright orange-yellow, the former oblong-elliptic, narrower than the oblong-oval, ciliolate petals; lip bright yellow, with an orange spot on the orbicular fimbriate blade, Nepal. P.M. 2:172. JF. 3:314. G.C. III. 25:305. C.O. 9. variety oculatum, Hook. Pseudobulbs shorter, more slender, the smaller flowers with a maroon spot on the lip. B.M. 4160. I.H. 1:15. C.O. 9a. P.M. 6:169 (as D. Paxtoni). F.S. 7:725 (as D. Paxtoni).

41. Aphrodite, Reichb. F

(D. nodatum, Lindl.). Pseudobulbs up to 1 ft. long, slender, branched: flowers solitary or in pairs, 2-3 in. across; sepals and petals cream-colored, the former lanceolate, narrower than the ovate petals; lip cream-colored, with a large saffron-yellow spot in the middle, and 2 maroon spots at base, the front lobe nearly rhomboid, acute. Moulmein and Tenasserim. B.M. 5470. F.S. 15:1582.

42. Aureum, Wall

(D. heterocarpum, Wall. D. rhomboideum, Lindl.). Pseudobulbs up to 1 1/2 ft. tall, erect, somewhat clavate: flowers in 2's and 3's, fragrant, 2-2 1/2 in. across; sepals and petals cream-colored, acute, the former oblong-lanceolate, a little narrower than the oblong-ovate petals; lip yellow, streaked with reddish purple, the front lobe ovate, acuminate, recurved, the disk velvety. tropical Himalayas to Philippines. B.M. 4708. F.S. 8:842. P.M. 14, p. 68, desc. J.F. 4:386. C.O. 10. R. 63. B.R. 29:17. J.H. III. 52:405; 57:3. O.R. 8:41, 169. variety sulphureum, Hort. Flowers sulfur-yellow, with the usual orange-colored markings.