43. Clavatum, Wall

Pseudobulbs up to 3 ft. long, cylindric, pendulous: racemes 4-6-flowered; flowers 2-3 in. across; sepals and petals orange-yellow, the former oval-oblong, about half as wide as the nearly orbicular petals; lip bright yellow, with a maroon blotch in center, the front lobe orbicular, denticulate, the upper surface pubescent. tropical Himalayas to S. China. B.M. 6993.

44. Gibsonii, Lindl

(D. fuscatum, Lindl.). Pseudobulbs up to 3 ft. tall, a little enlarged in the middle, slender: racemes 5-10-flowered, pendulous; flowers about 2 in. across, golden yellow, with 2 maroon spots on the lip; sepals and petals oval-oblong, obtuse, about the same width; lip with the limb a little broader than long, rounded at apex, fimbriate, villous on the upper surface. tropical Himalayas to S. China and Java. P.M. 5:169. B.M. 6226.

Section V

A. Sepals and petals white. B. Without markings.

c. Middle lobe of lip quadrate, emar-ginate, undulate; spur short, saccate .........................45. lasioglossum cc. Middle lobe of lip triangular, acute, ciliate; spur long, conic.........46. aqueum bb. With purple or mauve at apex........32. nobile aa. Sepals and petals purple, mauve or lilac. B. Base of lip inclosing column; sepals and petals widely spreading.

c. Lip fringed; disk yellow..........47. Loddigesii cc. Lip denticulate; throat deep purple 48. superbum bb. Base of lip not inclosing column; sepals and petals ascending........49. MacCarthiae

AAA. Sepals and petals yellow. b. Color pale.

c. Flowers buff-yellow; lip clawed, with 2 purple spots..................50. albo-sanCC Flowers primrose-yellow; lip at base [guineum convolute around column. D. Middle lobe of lip oblong, emarginate; petals larger than sepals 51. luteolum dd. Middle lobe of lip nearly orbicular, reflexed, much undulated.. 52. ramosum BB. Color bright.

C Lip with a single large maroon blotch........................53. ochreatum cc. Lip with 2 purple spots.

d.'Margin of lip denticulate.......54. chrysanthum dd. Margin of lip fimbriate, the divisions long and bearded .... 55. Hookerianum

45. Lasioglossum, Reichb. F

Pseudobulbs up to 1 1/2, ft. long, slender, pendulous, a little enlarged at the middle: flowers in 2's or 3's, white, except the reddish lines on the side lobes of the lip; sepals ovate, a little narrower than the petals; lip 3-lobed, the lateral lobes rounded, denticulate, the middle lobe nearly quadrate, undulate, reflexed, the disk with a tuft of orange-yellow hairs. Burma. B.M. 5825.

46. Aqueum, Lindl

(D. album, Wight.). Pseudo-bulbs up to 2 ft. long, rather stout, decumbent: flowers about 2 in. across, solitary or in pairs, cream-white, except a yellow spot on the lip; sepals and petals similar, broadly ovate, acute; lip obscurely 3-lobed, the middle lobe triangular, deflexed, ciliate, the upper surface pubescent. Neilgherry Hills. B.R. 29:54. B.M. 4640. J.F. 3:262.

47. Loddigesii, Rolfe

(D. pulchellum, Lodd., not Roxbg. D. Seidelianum, Reichb. f.). Dwarf.: pseudo-bulbs 3-4 in. long: flowers solitary, about 1 1/2 in. across; sepals and petals lilac, the sepals oblong, much narrower than the ovate petals; lip orbicular fringed, the center orange-yellow, the margin pale lilac. China. L.B.C. 20:1935. B.M. 5037.

48. Superbum, Reichb. F

(D. macrophyllum, Lindl. Plate XXXV. D. Scortechinii, Hook. D. macranthum, Hook.). Pseudobulbs up to 3 or 4 ft. long, cylindric, pendulous: flowers in pairs, 3-5 in. across, with the odor of rhubarb; sepals and petals purple-lilac, acute, the former oblong-lanceolate, about half as wide as the oblong-ovate petals; lip with the tube a deep red-purple, this color appearing as 2 large spots in the throat, the front lobe acuminate, reflexed, denticulate, the upper surface pubescent. Philippines. B.M. 3970. CO. 20. P.M. 8:97. F.S. 8:757. O.R. 14:78; 20:144. variety anosmum, Reichb. f. (D. anosmum, Lindl. D. macrophyllum Dayanum, Hort.). Pseudobulbs shorter: flowers usually solitary, nearly odorless, smaller, the sepals and petals shorter and broader. Lind. 6:264. P.M. 15:97. variety giganteum, Reichb. f. Flowers larger. variety Huttonii, Reichb. f. Flowers white, except the base of the lip and 2 spots on it which are purple. Malay Archipelago. variety Richardii, Hort. Medium-sized very fleshy flowers set on long bristled pedicels.

Dendrobium superbum as grown in the American tropics.

Plate XXXV. Dendrobium superbum as grown in the American tropics.

49. Maccarthiae, Thwaites

Pseudobulbs up to 2 ft. long: flowers in 2-3-flowered pendulous racemes; sepals and petals ascending, the flower not opening wide, pale rosy mauve, acute, the former lanceolate, narrower than the oblong-ovate petals which are sometimes purple-striped; lip pale purple, striped with deep purple and with a maroon spot surrounded by a white zone. Ceylon. B.M. 4886. G.W. 14, p. 408.

50. Albo-Sanguineum, Lindl

Pseudobulbs up to 15 in. long, stout, cylindric, erect: racemes 2-7-flowered; flowers 2-3 in. across, buff-yellow, with 2 purple spots on lip; sepals oblong-lanceolate, acute, about half as broad as the oblong-oval petals which sometimes have a few red streaks at the base; lip broadly clawed, the blade broadly obovate or nearly orbicular, undulate. Moulmein and Tenasserim. B.M. 5130. F.S. 7:721. J.F. 2:203.

51. Luteolum, Batem

Pseudobulbs up to 1 1/2 ft. tall, furrowed, cylindric: flowers 2-4, in lateral racemes, 2-2 1/2 in. across, primrose-yellow; sepals oblong-elliptic, narrower than the oval petals; lip with a few reddish streaks, slightly 3-lobed, the middle lobe oblong, emar-ginate, a tuft of yellow hairs below the tomentose disk. Moulmein. B.M. 5441. F.S. 23:2395 (as D. Lowii). J.H. III. 32:143; 51:519; 54:137. V.O. 57. variety chlorocentrum, Reichb. Flowers a little larger with greenish hairs on the lip. G.C. II. 19:340.