52. Ramosum, Lindl

(D. Ruckeri, Lindl.). Pseudobulbs up to 1 1/2 ft. tall, slender: flowers solitary or in pairs, about 1 1/2 in. across; sepals and petals pale primrose-yellow, the dorsal sepal oblong, the lateral triangular, the petals narrower than dorsal sepal; lip 3-lobed, the lateral lobes white, rose-streaked, the middle lobe nearly orbicular, reflexed, deeper yellow than petals, much undulated. tropical Himalayas. B.R. 29:60.

53. Ochreatum, Lindl

(D. cambridgeanum, Paxt.). Pseudobulbs up to 10 in. long, stout, curved, cylindric, decumbent: flowers in pairs, 2-3 in. across, rich golden yellow, except the maroon blotch on lip; sepals and petals oblong, acute, similar; lip with the concave blade orbicular, recurved on the margin, the upper surface downy. tropical Himalayas. B.M. 4450. CO. 16. variety luteum, Hort. Flowers lemon-yellow, with blotch on lip of much lighter purple than in type.

54. Chrysanthum, Wall

(D. Paxtonii, Lindl.). Pseudobulbs up to 6 ft. long, slender, furrowed, pendulous: flowers about 2 in. across, in racemes of 4-6, golden, except the 2 maroon spots on the lip; sepals oblong-oval; petals broadly obovate; lip denticulate, the middle lobe orbicular. Tropical Himalayas to Burma and southern China. B.R. 1299. Lind. 5:194. CO. 2. G.C. III. 15:565; 40:374. variety anoph-talmum, Reichb. f. Lip. not spotted. variety microph-talmum, Reichb. f. Petals serrate, and the spots on the lip smaller.

55. Hookerianum, Lindl

(D. chrysdtis, Reichb. f.). Pseudobulbs up to 8 ft. long, pendulous: flowers 3-4 in. across, in pendulous racemes of 10-15, golden, except the 2 maroon spots on the lip; sepals and petals oblong, acute, similar; lip with the blade broadly oval, velvety on upper surface, fimbriate, the divisions long and bearded. tropical Himalayas and Bengal. B.M. 6013. Lind. 16:730. I.H. 20:155. J.H. III. 33:221. variety brachy-stachyum, Kranzl. Flowers a little larger, fewer, in shorter racemes. Khasia Hills.

Section VI

a. Flowers usually single.

56. Jenkinsii aa. Flowers in racemes.

57. aggregatum

56. Jenkinsii, Wall

Dwarf: pseudobulbs up to 1 1/2 in- long, crowded, oblong, compressed, 1 - lvd.: leaves oblong, oval, 1-2 in. long: flowers solitary, about l 1/2 in. across, orange-yellow, with the disk on the lip darker; sepals oval, much narrower than the rhomboid petals, the lip downy above. Assam and Burma. B.R. 25:37.

57. Aggregatum, Roxbg

Pseudobulbs ovate-fusiform, up to 2 in. long, crowded, 1-lvd.: leaves 2-3 in. long, oblong-oval: racemes pendulous, 6-12-flowered; flowers becoming orange-yellow with age, the disk deeper; sepals ovate, about half as broad as the nearly orbicular getals; lip with a pubescent disk. Burma and China. B.R. 1695. B.M. 3643. G.C. III. 50:82. CO. 33.

Dendrobium superbiens. ( X 1/7)

Fig. 1237. Dendrobium superbiens. ( X 1/7)

Section VII

58. Bicameratum, Lindl

(D. breviflorum, Lindl. D. callibotrys, Ridley). Pseudobulbs tufted, fusiform, up to 16 in. long: racemes short, fascicled, on the old pseudo-bulbs; flowers yellow, the sepals and petals marked with red spots in lines; lip cuneate, 3-lobed, the lateral lobes small acute, the middle lobe retuse, the callus fleshy, papillate. tropical Himalayas.

Section VIII

59. macrophyllum, A. Rich. (D. Veitchianum, Lindl. D, macrophyllum Veitchianum, Hook. f. D. ferox, Hassk.). Pseudobulbs stout, clavate, up to 2 ft. long, furrowed, narrowed below: Ivs. up to 1 ft. long: racemes many-flowered, erect; flowers about 2 in. across; sepals oblong-ovate, hairy externally, pale yellowish green, larger than the whitish spathulate petals; lip 3-lobed, the lateral lobes round, purple-streaked, the middle lobe broader than long, with radiating purple lines. New Guinea, Java, Trinos, Philippines. B.M. 5649. H.F. 2:132. variety stenopterum, Reichb. f. Flowers smaller, the mentum much reduced, the sepals and petals ochre, copiously dotted inside, marked outside with large brown spots.

Section IX

60. Kingianum, Lindl. Dwarf: pseudobulbs 2-3 in. long, attenuated upwards from a bulbous base, 2-5-1vd.: racemes few-fid.; flowers nearly 1 in. across; sepals and petals purple, the acute ovate sepals broader than the petals; lip white, marked with purple, 3-lobed, the lateral lobes obtuse, the middle lobe reniform, apicu-late; spur yellow-tipped. Queensland. B.R. 31:61. B.M. 4527. J.F. 2:143. CO. 38.

Section X

a. Sepals and petals undulate; ovary same color asflower.......................61. superbiens aa. Sepals and petals not undulate; ovary green B. Flowers about 2 in. across; middle lobe of lip retuse; disk papillose..........62. bigibbum bb. Flowers 2 /2-4 in. across; middle lobe of lip acute; disk smooth............63. Phalaenopsis

61. Superbiens, Reichb. F

(D. Goldiei, Reichb. f. D. Fitzgeraldii, F. Muell.). Fig. 1237. Pseudobulbs up to 2 1/2 ft., cylindric, somewhat narrowed at both ends, leafy above: peduncle nearly terminal, bearing a nodding terminal raceme; flowers about 2 in. across, crimson-purple, the sepals and petals often white-bordered; sepals oblong, reflexed, undulate, narrower than the obovate petals; lip 3-lobed, the lateral lobes round, the middle lobe oblong, wavy, reflexed. Austral. F.M. 1878:294. R. 1:39. G. 34:117. G.W. 14, p. 29. G.C. 111.49:36. CO. 15.

62. Bigibbum, Lindl

Pseudobulbs cylindric, somewhat fusiform, slender, up to 1 1/2 ft- long, leafy: peduncle nearly terminal, slender, with a terminal many-flowered raceme; flowers l 1/2-2 in. across, purple-magenta, the lip darker; sepal oblong, acute, much narrower than the nearly orbicular petals; lip 3-lobed, the lateral lobes oblong, incurved, the intermediate one oblong, reflexed; crest white, papillose. Austral. B.M. 4898. F.S. 11:1143. Gt. 49:1473. variety candidum, Reichb. f. Flowers white.