(for Deslongchamps, a French botanist, 1774-1849). Gramineae. Tufted perennials with shining spikelets in narrow or loose panicles, sometimes grown for dry bouquets.

Spikelets mostly 2-flowered, with a hairy prolongation of the rachilla; glumes about as long as the florets; lemmas toothed, bearing a dorsal awn. - Species about 20, in the cooler regions of the northern hemisphere.


Beauv. (Aira caespitosa, Linn.). Tufted Hair-Grass. Hassock-Grass. Growing in tufts 1-3 ft.: blades firm, narrow: panicle open, the branches slender. G.M. 54:916. Common in N. U. S., extending south in the mountains. - In England, it is sometimes used by the farmers to make door-mats.


Trin. (Alra flexuosa, Linn.). Wood Hair-Ghass. Culms slender, 1-2 ft.: blades numerous, capillary: panicle open, the flexuous branches spikelet-bearing near the ends. Dept. Agric, Div. Agrost. 7:173. Open woods N. E. U. S. - Of some value for woodland pastures, as it will grow well in the shade. Also used for ornament. A form with yellow-striped foliage is sold under the name Airafoliis variegatis.

A. S. Hitchcock.