(name refers to flowers being in bundles). Syn. Acuan. Leguminpsae. About 10 herbs or shrubs in subtropical N. Amer., and 1 in the tropics of the Old World, a few of the American species reaching well north in the U. S.; probably not regularly cultivated, but now and then transferred to the garden for the effect of their bipinnate leaves and small greenish white flowers, in axillary peduncled heads or spikes. The genus is one of the Mimosa tribe, and the flowers are not papilionaceous: petals 5, distinct or very nearly so; calyx bell-shaped, 5-toothed; stamens 5 or 10, distinct, usually exserted: pod flat, narrow, straight or curved, several-seeded. D. illinoensis, MacM. (Mimosa illinoensis, Michx. Acuan illinoensis, Kuntze), occurs in prairies and river borders from Ind. west and south: 1-5 ft., nearly glabrous, perennial erect herb: leaflets 20-30 pairs, obtusish. D. leptolobus, Torr. & Gray, occurs on prairies from Kans. to Texas: leaflets mostly fewer and acute, and peduncles much shorter (1 in. or less long).

Desmazeria sicula. (X 1/2)

Fig. 1243. Desmazeria sicula. (X 1/2)