11. Kalmiaeflora, Lemoine

(D. parviflora X D. pur-purascens). Leaves oblong to ovate-oblong, short-acuminate, broadly cuneate at the base, serrulate, rough above, slightly stellate pubescent below, 1-2 1/2 in. long: flowers in rather small corymbs, pinkish, white in the center, fight carmine outside, cup-shaped, 3/4in. across; petals mostly imbricate in bud; stamens half as long as petals; filaments with large teeth, nearly as long as the anthers; styles shorter than stamens. M.D.G. 1913:25. G. 27:199. Gn. W. 17:627. - One of the handsomest hybrids.

ff. Flowers white.

G. Filaments toothed below the apex.

12. Discolor, Hemsl

Upright shrub, to 6 ft.: leaves oblong-lanceolate, acuminate, cuneate at the base, denticulate, sparingly stellate-hairy above, stellate-tomentose and whitish below, 2-4 in. long.: corymbs dense, hemispherical; pedicels usually not exceeding 1/4in; As- white, with spreading elliptic petals, about 3/4in. across; stamens about half as long as petals; filaments with large teeth usually as long as the stalk of the anther, the anthers of the inner stamens sometimes inserted inside a little below the apex. June. Cent. China. variety major, Veitch. Flowers about 1 in. across. G. 30:307. R.B. 32, p. 174. M.D.G. 1913:9 (upper picture).

13. Vilmorinae, Lemoine

Shrub, to 5 ft.: leaves oblong-lanceolate, acuminate, narrowed at the base, serrulate, thinly stellate-pubescent above, densely so below and grayish white, 2-3 in. long: corymbs loose and large; pedicels 1/3-1/2in. long; flowers more than 12in. across; larger stamens only slightly shorter than petals; the teeth of the filaments shorter than the stalks of the anthers; styles as long as stamens. May, June. Cent. China. R.H. 1895, pp. 266, 267. F.V. 126. A very graceful shrub with its large and loose corymbs of white flowers

gg. Filaments, at least the longer ones, gradually narrowed toward the apex, without teeth.

14. Wilsonii, Duthie

Shrub, to 6 ft.: leaves elliptic-lanceolate to oblong-lanceolate, short-acuminate, rounded or narrowed at the base, rough-pubescent above, grayish white and tomentose below, 2-4 in. long: corymbs compact, many-flowered; flowers white, more than 3/4in. across; stamens a third shorter than the petals; the shorter filaments usually abruptly contracted or sometimes with short obtuse teeth; calyx-lobes oblong-ovate, about as long as tube. May, June. Cent. China. B.M. 8083. G. 30:373. G.M. 51:473. M.D.G. 1912:27; 1913:16.

cc. Infloresence 1-3-flowered; filaments with long and slender recurved teeth.

15. Grandiflora, Bunge

Shrub, to 6 ft.: leaves ovate, acuminate, rounded at the base, unequally and closely denticulate, rough pubescent above, whitish stellate-tomentose below and reticulate, 1-2 1/2 in. long: flowers white, nodding, with slightly spreading petals about 3/4in. long; stamens about half as long as petals; calyx-lobes lanceolate, twice as long as tube. April, May. N. China. - A very distinct species, the earliest of all to bloom, the flowers appearing with the leaves; has proved perfectly hardy at the Arnold Arboretum.

aa. Petals imbricate in the bud (or partly imbricate in the hybrid); flowers white.

16. Parviflora, Bunge

Shrub, to 6 ft., with erect branches: leaves ovate or oblong-ovate, usually narrowed at the base, finely serrate, with stellate hairs on both sides, often grayish green beneath, 2-3 in. long: flowers in many - flowered corymbs; petals roundish obovate, spreading, imbricate in the bud; longer filaments without teeth. June. N. China, Mongolia. G. F. 1:365. Gt. 11:370;

43, p. 65; 46, p. 382. R.H. 1892, p. 223. G.C. III. 14:153. Gn.

44, p. 181. F.S.R. 3, p.197. A.F.15:1297. Gng.8:305,307. variety Musaei, Lemoine. Of stronger growth: leaves larger and more acuminate: flowers creamy white in denser corymbs.

17. Lemoinei, Hort

(D. gracilis x D. parviflora. D. angustifolia, D i p p.). Fig. 1247. Spreading shrub, to 3 ft.: leaves elliptic-lanceolate, finely serrate with appressed teeth, with sparse stellate hairs above, nearly glabrous beneath, 1 1/2-3 in. long: flowers in large corymbs or broad panicles, pure white; petals broadly ovate, spreading, partially valvate and partially imbricate in the bud; filaments with large teeth. G.F. 9:285 (adapted in Fig. 1247). A.F. 11:457; 15:1296. Gt. 44, p. 567; 46, p. 383. Gng. 4:135; 8:307. J.H. III. 34:77. G.C. III. 18:389. Gn. 48,p.317. G.M.39:251; 51:962, 963. G. 16:223. F.E. 24:747; 31:1119. G.W. 2, p. 173. M.D.G. 1895:438, 439. - A very desirable shrub, more vigorous and with showier flowers than D. gracilis. Excellent for forcing.

Variety compacta, Lemoine. Dwarfer and of more compact habit. D. Boule de Neige, Lemoine, with creamy white flowers (Gng. 8:306) and D. Avalanche, Lemoine, with pure white flowers, are exceedingly floriferous forms.

D. Brunoniana, R. Br.=D. staminea variety Brunoniana. - D. can-delabrum, Rehd. (D. gracilis X D. Sieboldiana. D. gracilis variety candelabrum, Lemoine). Shrub with slender branches and large white flowers in dense elongated panicles. R.B. 33, p. 372. R.H. 1908, p. 174. M.D.G. 1907:378. variety erecta, Rehd. (D. gracilis erecta, Lemoine). Flowers smaller and panicles shorter. variety fastudsa, Rehd. (D. gracilis fastuosa, Lemoine). Flowers in elongated rather dense panicles. - D. cdndida, Rehd. (D. Lemoinei X D. Sieboldiana. D. discolor Candida, Lemoine). Upright shrub with large white flowers in panicles. M.D.G. 1907:376, fig. 6. - D. carnea, Rehd. (D. Sieboldiana X D. rosea grandiflora. D. discolor carnea, Lemoine). Upright shrub with pink rather small flowers in upright loose panicles.

Deutzia Lemoinei.

Fig. 1247. Deutzia Lemoinei.

Variety Iactea, Rehd., with white flowers, variety stellata, Rehd., with narrow spreading petals, pale pink or carmine-pink, and variety densiflora, Rehd., with white flowers in dense upright panicles, petals narrow; all these varieties described by Lemoine as varieties of D. discolor. - D. compacta, Craib. Allied to D. parviflora. Leaves lanceolate, sparingly pubescent on both sides, 3/4-2 in. long: flowers white in dense corymbs; filaments strongly dentate. W. China. - D. corymbosa, R. Br. Allied to D. parviflora. Leaves rounded at the base, crenate-serrate, long-acuminate: flowers larger; all filaments toothed. Himalayas. - D. discolor vars.=D. Candida, D. carnea, D. elegantissima, D. excel-lens. - D. elegantissima, Rehd. (D. purpurascens X D. Sieboldiana. D. discolor variety elegantissima, Lemoine). Shrub, with slender branches, with numerous corymbs of large white, open flowers slightly tinted with rose inside and outside. R.B. 36, p. 387. M.D.G. 1907:377, fig. 9. variety arcudta, Rehd. (D. discolor variety arcuata, Lemoine), with white flowers variety fasciculdta, Rehd. (D. discolor variety fasciculata, Lemoine). Flat white flowers tinted with pink. - D. excel-lens, Rehd. (D. Vilmoriniana X D. rosea grandiflora.

D. discolor variety excellens, Lemoine). Shrub, with slender upright branches, with large loose corymbs of pure white flowers - D. globosa, Duthie. Similar to D. Wilsonii, but smaller in every part: flowers creamy white in dense corymbs; filaments abruptly contracted below the apex. Cent. Chiua. - D. glomeruliflora, Franch. Similar to D. discolor. Shrub, to 6 ft.: leaves smaller, grayish white and soft-pubescent below: flowers white in dense and small, but very numerous corymbs along the slender branches; stamens like those of D. longifolia. W. China. Handsome and fairly hardy. - D. gracilis vars.=D. candelabrum. - D. mollis, Duthie. Allied to D. parviflora. Shrub, to 6 ft., with upright branches: leaves elliptic-ovate to elliptic-lanceolate, soft-pubescent below, 2-4 in. long: flowers small, creamy white or slightly pinkish in dense flat corymbs; filaments subulate. Cent. China. - D. reflexa, Duthie. Allied to D. discolor. Leaves oblong-lanceolate, 2-3 in. long: flowers smaller in loose corymbs, petals with reflexed margin; filaments with short teeth or abruptly contracted. Cent. China. - D. staminea, R. Br. Shrub, to 3 ft.: leaves ovate or ovate-lanceolate, with whitish stellate pubescence beneath: corymbs many-flowered; flowers white, fragrant; filaments with large teeth.

Himalayas. B.R. 33:13. variety Brunoniana, Hook. f. & Thorns. Leaves less densely pubescent: flowers larger. B.R. 26:5 (as D. corymbosa).

Alfred Rehder.