(ancient name of obscure application). Diapensidcese. Two alpine-arctic species, one nearly circumpolar and one Himalayan, the former at least sometimes transferred to alpine gardens and rockeries. Diapensias are very small compact tufted evergreen more or less woody perennials, with small entire coriaceous crowded leaves: corolla 5-lobed, bell-shaped; calyx inclosing the caps.; stamens 5, affixed in the corolla, the filaments broad; ovary 3-celled; flowers solitary on peduncles that project above the dense leaf - rosettes (or the peduncle projected, at least in fruit), white or rose-purple. D. lapponica, Linn., on mountain summits in New England and N. Y., and distributed northward to the arctic, forms dense cushion-like tufts, 1 or 2 in. high, with white flowers on peduncles that become 1 or 2 in. long; a very interesting alpine, but seldom grown. B.M. 1108. D. himalaica, Hook. f. & Thorn Densely tufted: leaves somewhat acute, very short: flowers white or rose-red, subsessile, the corolla-tube twice the length of the calyx. Sikkim, 10,000-14,000 ft. l.

H. B.