Hook. f. (Leptinella dioica, Hook. f.). stems glabrous or slightly hairy, 1 ft. or less long, creeping: leaves solitary or tufted, not thick or stiff, stalked, 2 in. or less long, linear-obovate to spatulate, obtuse, serrate to pinnatifid or even pinnate: heads on axillary naked peduncles that are longer or shorter than the leaves, unisexual, the males 1/4in. or less diam., and the females a little larger: achene obovoid, curved. New Zeal. - Very variable. A compact dwarf carpeter.

Muelleri, Kirk. (C. potentilliana, Hort.? Leptinella potentilllna, Muell.). stems long and rather stout, creeping and rooting, the branches ascending and somewhat villous towards the tips: leaves 2-5 in. long, stalk and all, linear-obovate, deeply pinnatifid, glandular-dotted: heads on peduncles that usually are shorter than the leaves, bisexual, about 1/3in. diam.: achene club-shaped and 4-angled. New Zeal.

C. lanata, Hook. f. (Leptinella lanata, Hook. f.). Stout and woolly: leaves rather fleshy, pinnate or pinnatifid: florets glandular. New Zeal. - C. lobata, Linn.=Lidbeckia. - C. plumosa, Hook. f. (Leptinella plumosa, Hook. f.). Stout, soft-woolly: leaves 3-4 times pinnatisect: florets not glandular. New Zeal. - C. Squalida, Hook. f. (Leptinella squalida, Hook f.). - Allied to C. dioica, with leaves deeply pinnatifid and segments incised. New Zeal. L.H.B