(Greek, two anthers; the third being imperfect). Iridacese. Tender rhizomatous plants from Australia and Tasmania, with white and variegated flowers. Herbs: rhizome short: stems erect, simple or somewhat branched: leaves mostly radical, narrow, rigid, acuminate, equitant: spathe terminal, rigid, acuminate; perianth without any tube above the ovary; segments unequal, inner ones shorter, connivent; upper stamen imperfect; flowers usually more than 1 to a spathe, not lasting.

Moraea, Labill. stems 1 1/2-2 ft. long,- with a single terminal cluster, and several sheathing bracts: leaves 6-8 in a tuft, 1-1 1/2 ft- long, 1/4-1/2in. wide: spathes cylindrical, 2-3-flowered, 2 in. long; flowers whitish: caps. 1 in. long. New S. Wales, Victoria, and Tasmania. This species has been offered. The only other species is D. lalifolia, Benth. (D. Moraea variety latifblia, Baker), from Tasmania, with longer and broader leaves (nearly 1 in. wide), longer spathes which are 5-6-flowered, and flowers variegated with lilac and yellow. L. H, B