(Greek, double one-seeded). Syn. Pro-sdrtes. Liliaceae. Fairy Bells. Small perennial rhizo-matous herbs, sometimes planted in the wild garden.

Allied to Smilacina and Streptopus, being leafy-stemmed, but flowers in umbels (or solitary): perianth 6-parted, with narrow deciduous segments; stamens 6, the filaments filiform or slightly flattened and longer than the extrorse anthers; ovary 3-celled, the ovules 2 or more in each cell, the stigma 3-cleft or entire: fruit a red or reddish few-seeded berry. - About 20 species, in N. Amer, and in the Himalayan region, Java to China and Japan. Little known to horticulturists; probably require no particular skill in cultivation

A. Leaves rarely cordate at base. B. Style 3cleft. Menziesii, Nichols. (Prosates Menziesii, Don). More or less soft-pubescent: stem 2-3 ft. long, forking, arching above: leaves ovate to ovate-lanceolate, narrowly acuminate or the lowest acute, sessile, 2-3 in. long, often resin-dotted: flowers 1-3, greenish, cup-shaped, from the topmost axils, nodding, 9-12 lines long; pedicels puberulous; perianth-segments nearly erect, acute, 6-11 lines long; stamens a third shorter; anthers included, 1 1/2-2 times shorter than the filaments: fruit oblongobovate, narrowed to a short beak, salmon-colored. Calif, to Brit. Col.


Nichols. Woolly-pubescent: leavesoblong-lanceolate, narrowly acuminate: perianth-segments greenish, linear-lanceolate, acuminate, spreading, 6-9 lines long, stamens a third shorter; style and narrow ovary glabrous: caps, oblong-ovate, obtusish or with a very short, stout beak, glabrous; cells 1-2-seeded. Ont. to Ga. and Tenn. B.M. 1490. (as Streptopus).

bb. Style entire.


Benth. & Hook. (Prosartes trachycarpa, Wats.). More or less pubescent: stem 1-2 ft. high, forking, with foliage on the upper half: leaves ovate to oblong-lanceolate, acute or rarely acuminate, 2-4 in. long: pedicels pilose; perianth-segments whitish, slightly spreading, more narrowly oblanceolate than in D. Menziesii, acute, 6-7 lines long, about as long as the stamens: fruit obtuse, rather deeply lobed, papillose. Neb. to Manitoba and Ore. and Wash.

aa. Leaves mostly cordate-clasping.


Benth. & Hook. (Prosartes oregana, Wats.). More or less woolly-pubescent: leaves ovate to oblong-lanceolate, long-acuminate: perianth-segments spreading, acute, narrowed below, very distinctly net-veined, 5-7 lines long, as long as or shorter than the stamens: fruit ovate, acutish, somewhat pubescent. Ore. and Idaho to Brit. Col.

D. Hookeri, Nichols. (P. lanuginosa variety Hookeri, Baker). More or less rough-pubescent, with short, usually spreading hairs: leaves ovate or sometimes oblong: perianth rather broad at the base: fruit obovate, obtuse, red. Calif. - D. Leschenaultianum, D. Don, differs from the others here described by having white flowers India, Ceylon. B.M. 6935. - D. pullum, Salisb. Readily told from American forms by its brown or purplish green flowers India, Java, China. B.M. 916.

Wilhelm Miller. L. H. B.†