(after Joseph Dombey (1742-1795) French botanist and companion of Ruiz and Pavon in Peru and Chile). Syn. Assonia, Astrapka. Sterculid-cese. Shrubs or small trees of continental Africa, Madagascar and Seychelles, sometimes planted in Fla. and Calif.: leaves often cordate, palmately nerved, frequently lobed: flowers rosy or white, numerous, in loose axillary or terminal cymes, in umbels, or crowded into dense heads, often very showy; calyx 5-parted, persistent; petals 5; stamens 15-20, 5 sterile, the remainder shorter, united into a tube or cup; ovary 2-5-celled; stigmas 5: fruit a loculicidal caps. - Probably 100 species, many new kinds having been made known recently with the opening of tropical Africa The dombeyas are yet little known in this country, although some of them promise well for lawn and park planting far south.


Sond. Distinguished by its cordate, acute leaves and the narrowly awl-shaped lfts, of the involucre: leaves long, petioled, somewhat angular, toothed, with minute stellate pubescence, 5-7-ribbed: umbels 4-8-flowered Natal. - Cult, in S. Fla. and North under glass. Very rapid-growing, foliage poplar-like: flowers pure white, large, sweet-scented; a very good winter-blooming plant in S. Calif.


Bojer. Small tree: leaves cordate, orbicular or oblong, acute, undulate, 5-9-nerved, rough above and rusty or whitish pubescent beneath, the petioles downy: flowers 3/4in. across, white, in many-flowered much-branched axillary and terminal cymes; sepals lanceolate, shorter than corolla; petals roundish; stamens united only at base. E. tropical Africa - A plant under this name is catalogued in this country as "a tall shrub with straw-colored and pink flowers"


Cav. (Astrapaea tiliaee-fblia, Sweet). Low tree or shrub, with leaves crowded at ends of branches: leaves thin, round-cordate, nearly glabrous, palmately 3-5-lobed: flowers m 2-parted cymes; brac-teoles large, ovate, falling; sepals 1/3in. - or less long, reflexing; petals white or reddish, 1/2in. long, ob-lique-obovate; stamens 18, being exceeded in length by the staminodia; ovary densely tomentose, and styles free at top only. Mauritius and Bourbon. B.M. 2905 (form with entire leaves).


Cav. Tree, the young parts hairy: leaves smooth and firm, orbicular and deeply cordate, acute, 3-4 in. long, obscurely cre-nate: flowers 10-20 in a simple umbel that has a peduncle 2-3 times the length of the petiole; sepals linear-Ian coo-late, reflexed; petals rather longer than sepals, obdel-toid; ovary tomentose. Mauritius and Bourbon. Intro, in S. Calif.


Engler. Shrub or tree with terete branches that become glabrous or nearly so: leaves ovate-cordate, acuminate, somewhat 3-lobed, irregularly crenate, 7-nerved, hairy, and tomentose beneath: flowers on long hispid pedicels in an umbel; bracteoles ovate-lanceolate; sepals lanceolate, becoming reflexed, tomentose outside; petals oblique and obtuse, scarcely exceeding petals; staminodia narrowly spatulate; ovary tomentose. Nairobi.

Dolichos Lablab (form giganteus). (XX)

Fig. 1342. Dolichos Lablab (form giganteus). (XX)

Wallichii, Benth. & Hook. (Astrapaea Wallichii, Lindl.). Tree, to 30 ft.: leaves large, velvety, cordate, angularly lobed, with leafy stipules: flowers scarlet (pink?), in drooping umbels, the peduncles long and hairy. Madagascar. - A very showy plant when in bloom.

D. Burgessise, Gerrard. Leaves pubescent, cordate, but with 2 deep, wide cuts, and 2 shallow ones besides the basal one: flowers numerous, large, white, rosy at center and along veins; petals rounded. S. Africa B.M. 5487. - D. calantha, Schum. Shrub, 10-12 ft.: leaves large (1 ft. across), 3-5-lobed, coarsely toothed, cordate at base, pubescent above and tomentose beneath, with long petioles: flowers rose-colored, 1 1/2 in. across. British Cent. Africa B.M. 8424. - D. Cayeuxii, Hort., is a hybrid of D. Mastersii and D. Wallichii: flowers beautiful pink in pendulous, many-flowered umbels: leaves cordate, acute, dentate, with long petioles. - D. Caria, Baill. Tall tree: leaves cordate or somewhat 3-lobed, 6 in. long and nearly as broad, toothed or crenulate, pubescent beneath: flowers lilac-rose, 2 1/2 in. across. Madagascar. R.H. 1911:84. - D. Davaei, Hort., is a hybrid of D. spectabilis and D. natalensis: flowers rose-colored; also a white-flowered form (variety alba). R.H. 1912, p. 178-9. - D. Mastersii, Hook. Shrub, 4-5 ft. high: leaves velvety, heart-shaped, serrate: flowers fragrant, white, with thinner veins of rose than in D. Burgessiffi; petals acute. tropical Africa B.M. 5639. - D. viburniflora, Bojer, has very numerous white flowers with narrower petals than any here described: leaves cordate, 3-lobed, the cuts not so wide as in D. Bur-gessiee. Comoro. B.M. 4568. L H B†