(name refers to the acridity of the roots). Liliaceae. Bulbous S. African and tropical African plants of the Scilla tribe, with gamophyllous perianth and a campanulate tube, the segments linear-oblong and reflexing: stamens 6, shorter than the segments, and inserted at the throat of the perianth-tube; ovary sessile, ovoid, 3-celled, becoming a loculicidally 3-valved membranous caps.: leaves either broad and rather fleshy or narrow and rigid, often appearing at a different season from the bloom: flowers on a naked peduncle or scape, in a simple raceme. - About 30 species, none of which appears to be regularly in cultivation D. oligosperma, C. H. Wright. Probably from S. Africa, and very recently described: flower-clusters over 6 ft. high, much branched, the beautiful white flowers with 3 green nerves on the oblanceolate spreading petals opening late in the afternoon: bulb elliptic, 6 in. long: leaves 12-14, rosulate, 1 1/2 ft. long, linear-acuminate, glabrous. Likely to come into commercial cultivation.