(dew-leaved). One of the6 genera of the Droseraceae, comprising a single species in S. Spain, Portugal and Morocco, sometimes seen in collections of insectivorous plants, and for the interesting morphology, the leaves being revolute rather than involute as in the droseras and other plants. D. lusitdnicum, Link, is a sub-shrubby little plant, the simple stem 2-6 in. high bearing at the top long-linear glandular insect-holding leaves: flowers 1 1/2 in. across, on an elevated stalk (1 ft. high), bright yellow, with 10-20 stamens, alternating in length, bearing short yellow anthers; petals

5, obovate, thin, twisted after anthesis; styles 5, filiform: fruit a narrow caps., 3/4 in. long, 5-valved. B.M. 5796. - The glands of this interesting plant are purple, some stalked and some sessile, viscid, not motile. See Diels, in Engler's Pflanzenreich, hft. 26 (1906) for monographic treatment, where the Drosera-cese is reduced to 4 genera, Byblis and Roridula being removed from the family; and Darwin studied it and described it in Chap. XV of "Insectivorous Plants." L. H. B.