(named in honor of J. J. Duguet, who in 1731 wrote a work on plants). Aberemoa, R. E. Fries, not Aubl. Annondceae. A genus of tropical American shrubs and trees, about two dozen species, differing from Annona in technical characters, particularly in imbricating petals and distinct angular rigid carpels becoming detached from the alveolate receptacle when mature, and usually with stellate-pubescent or scurfy indument. D. lanceolata, stem Hil., the type of the genus, is a Brazilian tree. D. quitarensis, Benth., Fig. 1365, with very similar fruit which turns red when ripe, has recently been collected on the Isthmus of Panama by Henri Pittier; and D. furfuracea, Benth. & Hook, f., a low plant with edible orange-colored fruit as large as an apple, in the province of Minas, Brazil, by Shamel, Popenoe, and Dorsett, of the Bureau of Plant Industry. From this genus must be separated Fusaea longifolial Safford (Annona longifolia, Aubl.), the fruit of which is a solid globose syncarpium, and the outer circles of stamens sterile and petal-like, while the indument is composed of simple silky hairs. See Fussea. w.

E. Safford.

Duguetia quitarensis. (Branch X 1/2)

Fig. 1365. Duguetia quitarensis. (Branch X 1/2)