(Greek, hedgehog and panax, referring to the prickly nature of the plant). Aralidceae. Ornamental shrub, but rarely grown; very handsome on account of the large foliage and scarlet fruits.

Deciduous, prickly throughout: leaves alternate, long-petioled, palmately 5-7-lobed, with serrate lobes, without stipules: flowers greenish white, in umbels forming terminal panicles; calyx-teeth indistinct; petals 5, valvate; stamens 5, with filiform filaments; styles 2, connate at the base: fruit a compressed drupe. - One species, Pacific N. Amer., Alaska to Calif., and Japan.

This is a strikingly handsome shrub with its large bright green palmately lobed leaves and scarlet fruits late in summer. Little known in cultivation; it will succeed best in moist and cool places and in partial shade. Propagation is by seeds and by suckers and probably also by root-cuttings.


Decne. & Planch. (Fatsia horridum, Benth. & Hook. Panax horridum, Smith). Shrub, to 12 ft.: stems densely prickly: leaves roundish-cordate, prickly on both sides, pubescent below, 5-7-lobed, lobes incisely lobulate and sharply serrate, 6-12 in. long: infloresence tomentose: fruit scarlet, 1/3in. long. July, Aug.; fruit Aug., Sept.

Alfred Rehder.