(name refers to the structure of the anthers) . Proteacese. A few trees and shrubs of S. Amer., one of which is offered abroad as a greenhouse subject, grown from seeds, and apparently prized for the flowers Foliage sparse, coriaceous, entire: flowers in dense racemes, showy, perfect; perianth with a cylindrical split tube, the limb ovoid or globose in bud but becoming oblique or recurved; stamens 4, the anthers attached in lobes of the perianth: follicles oblong, 1-celled, many-seeded. E. coccineum, Forst., is a shrub bearing bright scarlet flowers about 2 in. long in many-flowered terminal sessile racemes: perianth tubular, upwardly curved, the 4 reflex-ing twisting lobes representing a third of its length; anthers imbedded in the concave apices of the perianth-lobes; pistil with an elongated cylindrical ovary and long-exserted red style: leaves oblong to elliptic, short-stalked, alternate, obtuse and mucronate, pale beneath. Chile. B.M. 4856. - Should be hardy in warm-temperate parts.