Section V

Psilanthemum contains but one species, E. Stamfordianum, which requires the same general treatment as those in Section II. Robert M. Grey.

E. O. Orpet.

a. Infloresence radical. (Psilanthemum.)

1. Stamfordianum, Batem. stems fusiform, 12 in. long: leaves 7-9 in.: large panicles of yellow and green flowers, crimson-spotted, fragrant. Mex. to Colombia. B.M. 4759. G.C. III. 17:655. J.F. 3:251.

aa. Infloresence terminal.

B. stems without bulbs: leaves distichous, alternate: only top of column free from lip. (Euepidendrum.) c. Flowers red, orange or vermilion.

2. Catillus, Reichb. f. (E. imperator, Hort.). Flowers cinnabar-red. Colombia. I.H. 21:162.

3. cinnabarinum, Salzmann. stems 3-4 ft.: flowers orange-red, 2 in. diam., lobes of lip deeply fringed. Brazil. B.R. 28:25. - A beautiful species.

4. radicans, Pav. (E. rhizophorum, Batem.). Fig. 1397. stems semi-scandent, up to 5 ft. long, long white roots from opposite the leaves: flowers up to 2 in. diam., numerous; most brilliant of the red-flowering species. Guatemala, amongst heavy grass. Gn. 24:390. O.R. 5:273.

Epidendrum radicans. (X 1/6)

Fig. 1397. Epidendrum radicans. (X 1/6)

cc. Flowers white.

5. Endresii, Reichb. f. stems 6-9 in.: racemes 9-12-flowered; flowers 1 in. diam., pure white; lip and column spotted purple. Costa Rica. G.C. II. 23:504. B.M. 7855. O.R. 12:145.

ccc. Flowers, at least sepals and petals, rose or purple.

6. ellipticum, Graham (E. crassifolium, Hook.). Flowers on long scapes, clustered, rose or purple, 1/2in. diam. Brazil. B.M. 3543.

7. paniculatum, Ruiz & Pav. stems 3-4 ft.: flowers 3/4in. across, lilac-purple, lip whitish yellow. Venezuela to Peru, high altitudes. B.M. 5731. I.H. 22:211. - Most free-flowering and best of paniculate species.

8. evectum, Hook. stems 3-5 ft.: peduncles nodding, 2 ft.; flowers rich purple, lip deeply fringed. Colombia. B.M. 5902. - Easily cult, and on account of its free-flowering habit deserves a place in the warm greenhouse.

cccc. Flowers, at least sepals and petals, yellowish green.

9. leucochilum, Klotzsch (E. imperator, Hort.). stems 2 ft.: flowers 5-9, on long pedicels, greenish yellow; lip pure white. Colombia, 6,000-9,000 ft.

10. eburneum, Reichb. f. stems terete, 2-3 ft.: flowers 3-4 in. diam., yellowish green; lip ivory-white, with yellow calli; raceme terminal, 4-6-flowered Panama, in swamps. B.M. 5643.

c. Pseudobulbs 2-4-lvd.: labellum adnate less than half; column broad-winged. (Barkeria).

d. Lip obovate, obtuse. 11. elegans, Reichb. f. (Barkeria elegans, Knowl. & West). stems terete, 12 in.: pedicels 24 in.; flowers 5-7, nodding, 1 1/2 in, diam., lilac-purple; lip whitish, with purple blotch. Pacific coast of Mex. B.M. 4784.

dd. Lip acute. E. Flowers about 1 in. across.

12. Skinneri, Batem. (Barkeria Skinneri, Paxt.). Leaves ovate-oblong, sheathing the slender stem: peduncle terminal, bearing rose-lilac flowers about 1 in. across; petals and sepals nearly equal, petals so twisted at the base as to present dorsal surface to the observer; labellum ovate, with 3 raised lines. Guatemala. B.R. 1881. P.M. 15:1 (variety major).

ee. Flowers 2-4 in. across.

13. Lindleyanum, Reichb. f. (Barkeria Lindleyana, Batem.). stems slender: flowers numerous, about 2 in. across, rose-purple; labellum with a white disk; petals broader than the sepals Cent. Amer. 1839. J.H. III. 44:53.

14. spectabile, Reichb. f. (Barkeria spectdbilis, Batem.). Flor de Isabal. stems tufted, cylindrical, 4-5 in. high: leaves 2: raceme about 6-flowered; flowers 3-4 in. across, bright lilac; sepals linear-lanceolate; petals ovate-lanceolate; labellum white at base, red-spotted. Guatemala.

ce. Pseudobulbs 1-2-, rarely 3-lvd.: labellum adnate at base, or not up to the middle; column not winged. (Encyclium.) d. Flowers cinnabar.

15. vitellinum, Lindl. Pseudobulbs ovoid, 2 in. long: leaves 6-9 in.: peduncles 15-18 in., 10-15-flowered; flowers cinnabar-red; lip and column orange. Mex., 6,000-9,000 ft. B.M. 4107. G.C. III. 10:141.

Variety ma jus, Veitch. Pseudobulbs shorter: racemes denser; flowers larger and more brilliant. G.C. III. 12:159. - Very superior to the species; type no longer imported.

dd. Flowers rose.

16. nemorale, Lindl. Pseudobulbs subglobose, 3-4 in. high: leaves 9-12 in.: peduncles 2 ft. long, covered with warts; flowers 3-4 in. diam., rose-colored; lip rosy mauve, streaked with purple. Mex. B.M. 4606 (as E. verru-cosum). G.C. II. 24:332. A.F. 6:633.

ddd. Flowers other than above. E. Sepals and petals white.

17. dichromum, Lindl. Flowers white, lip rose-colored, yellow and downy at base. Brazil.

ee. Sepals and petals green.

18. osmanthum, Rodr. (E. Godseffianum, Rolfe. E. Capartianum, Lindl.). Flowers 1 l/2 in. across, in large panicles, light green, suffused with brown; lip white, lined with rose-purple, fragrant. Brazil. B.M. 7792. - One of the handsomest species.

19. prismatocarpum, Reichb. f. (E. maculdtum, Hort.). Pseudobulbs ovoid, tapering, 4-5 in.: leaves 12-15 in.: flowers 1 1/2 in. across, pale yellow-green, with purplish black spots; lip pale purple, with yellow tip and white border. Cent. Amer., 5,000 ft. B.M. 5336. G.W. 5, p. 126. O.R. 12:57.

eee. Sepals and petals purple or brown.

20. atropurpureum, Willd. (E. macrochilum, Hook.). Pseudobulbs ovoid, 3-4 in high: leaves lanceolate, 12-15 in. long, dull purple-colored: peduncle 6-10-flowered; flowers 2 1/2 in. diam., purplish brown upon greenish ground; lip yellowish white, with crimson stripes. Mex. to Venezuela. B.M. 3534. A.F. 6:609. J.H. III. 51:243, 401.

Variety Randianum, Lind. & Rod. Sepals and petals margined with light yellowish green, the white middle lobe of lip with a red-purple-rayed blotch.

Variety roseum, Reichb. f. Sepals and petals purplish, lip bright rosy. Guatemala. P.M. 11:243.

21. Brassavolae, Reichb. f. Pseudobulbs pear-shaped: leaves 6-9 in.: racemes 18-24 in., 6-9-flowered; flowers 4 in. across; sepals and petals narrow, yellowish brown; lip trowel-shaped, purple, white and green. Mex. to Guatemala, 8,000 ft. B.M. 5664.

ccc. Pseudobulbs 1-2-, rarely 3-lvd.: lip adnate up to apex of column. (Aulizeum.)

D. Lip fringed.