(deserted or solitary spikes). Labiatae. Outdoor perennial, apparently only 1 species of the 50 or so in the genus being in commercial cultivation The genus is allied to Leonotis and Phlomis, and the species are from Cent, and W. Asia. Erect herbs, with the leaves mostly radical, large, toothed or cut-pinnatifid; stem - leaves small, passing into floral bracts: flowers often ochroleucous, in many-flowered whorls in terminal and axillary spikes; corolla-tube included within the calyx; upper lip of corolla erect and hooded, bearded inside; lower lip 3-lobed and the middle lobe largest; stamens 4, with connivent anthers. E. laciniata, Bunge, is catalogued abroad. Nearly simple, 12-20 in.: leaves pinnatisect, the lobes again pin-natifid: flowers yellow or ochroleucous, in midsummer. Asia Minor. - Said to be an attractive perennial. E. superba, Royle, reported from Eu., has a strict stem, unbranched, 2 ft., root-leaves pinnatisect, with segments lobed, forming a rosette: flowers deep primrose-yellow in woolly heads to 6 in. long and 4 in. broad, showy. W. Himalaya. L. H. B.