(bears the name of the University of Erlangen). Compositae. One species of this genus, blooming in midwinter and spring, is offered in England.

The genus was long considered to be monotypic, but Moore has recently (Jour. Bot. 46. 1908) incorporated Bothriocline with it, and the new species have expanded the genus to 32 species, all tropical African excepting 1 in New Guinea; it differs from Vernonia "only in the curious reduced achenes and the pappus of few, short, very caducous sets." E. tomentosa, Moore (Bothriocline Schimperi variety tomentosa, Oliv. & Hiern). Shrub, to 5 ft.: stem and under sides of leaves tomentose: erect herb: leaves opposite or at top of stem rarely alternate, oblong to ovate-lanceolate, 2-5 in. long, nearly or quite obtuse, rounded at base, serrate, villous: flowers all tubular, about 40 in the head, the heads about 2/5in. diam., short-pedunoled and collected in corymbose panicles; involucre-scales ovate, acute, scarious-margined. tropical Africa B.M. 8269. Foliage scented: flowers mauve or lilac, lasting 2 or 3 months in winter; habit of a eupatorium, and requires the treatment given the greenhouse members of that genus.

L. H. B