57. Epithymoides, Jacq

(E. polychroma. Kern.). Fig. 1448. Many stems 1 ft. or more long, forming a hemispherical clump: rays of umbel 5: rvs. oblong, dark green, those of the infloresence various shades of yellow at flowering time. May. Eu. B.M. 2258. Gn. 69, p. 295. - A beautiful plant for the formal or informal border.

Euphorbia epithymoides. No. 57.

Fig. 1448. Euphorbia epithymoides. No. 57.

58. Pilosa, Linn

stems about 18 in. high from a thick rootstock, pilose: leaves oblong, nearly entire: umbel 5-6-rayed, with similar branches below: caps. 2 lines broad, nearly smooth or hairy, with or without minute warts. Eu. and N. Asia. variety major is a better form for gardens with beautiful golden yellow foliage.

59. Palustris, Linn

Differs from E. pilosa chiefly in being glabrous or nearly so, more rays in the umbel, and caps, with small but distinct warts on the back. Eu. Gn. 76, p. 499. - The floral leaves are a bright yellow.

dd. Glands of involucre truncate, retuse, 2-horned or crescent-shaped.

e. Seeds smooth.

60. Cyparissias Linn

Cypress Spurge and many local names. Fig. 1449. Many short plume-like branches from the crowns and adventitious root-buds, covered with spreading, narrowly linear, dark green leaves 1 in. long. Eu. L.B.C. 2:118. G.C. II. 22:469. Rept. Mo. Bot. Gard. 11, pl. 50. - Cult, in old gardens and cemeteries for its moss-like growth. Naturalized and a weed in E. U. S., but rarely producing seed here.

Euphorbia Cyparissias (X1/4).

Fig. 1449. Euphorbia Cyparissias (X1/4).

No. 60.

61. Wulfenii, Hoppe

stems 3-4 ft. high, forming a clump, densely covered with lanceolate, linear, acute, bluish green pubescent leaves, those of the infloresence yellow, or the base of the stem bare later, except for the conspicuous leaf-scars: umbel many-rayed; glands 2-horned. Eu. B. R. 24:6 (asE. Veneta). G. 31:103. G.C. III. 39:331. Gn. 57, pp. 440-1; 74, p. 40. G.W. 13, p. 305.

62. Biglandulosa, Desf

Differs from E. myrsinites, chiefly in the erect stems, lanceolate, acute leaves and smooth seeds. Sicily to Syria. B.R. 274 (as E. rigida).

ee. Seeds rugose or pitted.

63. pinea, Linn. stem glabrous: stem - leaves linear; those of the infloresence reniform-cordate: rays of umbel 5-7. Eu.

64. Robusta, Small, And Palmeri

Engelm., are many-stemmed desert plants from W. U. S., about 1 ft. high with small ovate leaves, irregularly crescent-shaped glands and roughened seeds. Rept. Mo. Bot. Garden. 11: pls. 40, 49. - They have been offered for sale, but have little cultural value.

65. Myrsinites, Linn

The many declined stems covered with large, fleshy, glaucous, obovate-oblong, concave, pointed leaves in close spirals: umbel 7-12-rayed; glands and flowers yellow: seeds rugose. Eu. - A plant of old gardens; good for walls and rockeries.

The following have been reported in cult, in Eu. but are not in the American trade.

E. aggregate., Berger. A succulent grown like E. cereiformis. - E. aleppica, Linn. Annual of Tithymalus section. - E. amygda-I6ia.es, Linn. Perennial and almost woody. Common in England. - E. angularis, Klotzsch (E. fimbriata, Hort.). A 3-5-angled succulent. - E. aphylla, Brouss. Semi-succulent shrub, near E. Tirucalli. Gt. 37:277. - E. arbuscula, Balf. Semi-succulent shrub near E. xylo-phylloides. - E. balsamifera, Ait. Tropical shrub: leaves at end of branches. Allied to E. dendroides. - E. Berthelotii, C. Bolle. Subtropical shrub allied to E. Regis-Jubae; name used incorrectly in the trade. - E. Bojeri, Hook. (E. Breonii). Semi-succulent, slender, spiny shrub near E. splendens, Hook. B.M. 3527. - E. bubalina, Boiss. (Section Treisia). Low, slender, spineless succulent, leafy at apex. R.B. 209 (as E. oxystegia). - E. Cactus, Erenh. Succulent, finy 3-angled shrub, near E. Hermentiana. - E. cattimandoo, 1. Small, succulent, spiny, 5-angled tree. - E. cervicornis, Boiss.=E. hamata. - E. chamasyce, Linn. Low, opposite-lvd. herb with corolla-like cyathia in clusters. - E. characias, Linn. Umbellate perennial herb near E. Wulfenii. Gn. 59, p. 447. G.C. II. 13:657. - E. colletioides, Benth. Low Mexican shrub: leaves opposite.

Plants grown under this name may be E. pteroneura. - E. Dinteri, Berger. Spiny, 6-8-angled succulent shrub often grown under names of E. virosa and E. tetragona. - E. Dregeana, Mey. Spineless, almost leafless shrub, near E. Tirucalli. - E. enopla, Boiss. Spiny succulent near E. heptagona, and confused with it. - E. erosa, Willd. Spiny succulent, near E. mammiliaria. - E. falcata, Linn. Annual herb, near E. Aleppica. - E. fimbriata, Hort.=E. angularis. - E. hamata, Sweet (E. cervicornis, Boiss.). Low succulent shrub, leafy at apex, near E. clandestina. - E. helicothele, Lem. Spiny, succulent tree, leafy at apex, near E. neriifolia. I.H. 4, p. 100, desc. - E. helioscopia, Linn. Umbellate annual, (Section Tithymalus). Rept. Mo. Bot. Gard. 11: pl. 26. - E. lntisy, Drake. Semi-succulent tropical shrub, near E. Tirucalli. - E. Lagascae, Spreng. Annual, near E. pilosa. - E. Laro, Drake. Semi-succulent shrub near E. Tirucalli. - E. lauri-fdlia, Juss. Tropical shrub, leafy at ends of branches, near E. atropurpurea. - E. Ledienii, Berger. Spiny succulent, near E. virosa, grown under the names of E. pentagona, E. coerulea, and E. coerulescens. B.M. 8275. - E. Lemaireana, Boiss. Spiny succulent.

Near E. grandicornis. - E. lophogona, Lam. Succulent with fringed angles, near E. Fournieri. B.M. 8076. - E. macro-glypha, Lem. Spiny, 3-angled succulent. - E. Marlothii, Pax= E. Montieri. - E. mauritanica, Linn. Semi-succulent shrub. Near E. Tirucalli. - E. mellifera, Ait. Tree, leafy at branch ends. Near E. dendroides. B.M. 1305. - E. Montieri, Hook. (E. Marlothii, Pax ). Succulent shrub, leafy at the apex, of Section Pseud-euphorbium. B.M. 5534. - E. Morinii, Berger. Spiny succulent, near E. cereiformis. - E. multiceps, Berger. Succulent. Near E. Caput-Medusae. - E. nivulia, Ham. Spiny, succulent shrub, leafy at apex. Near E. neriifolia. - E. Nyikae, Pax. Succulent tree with 2-angled joints. - E. obesa, Hook. Succulent. Near E. meloformis. B.M. 7888. - E. obtusifolia, Poir. Semi-succulent shrub. Near E. Tirucalli. - E. officinarum, Linn. Succulent, spiny, 9-13-angled shrub. Near E. Beaumieriana. - E.Paralias, Linn. Perennial herb of Section Tithymalus. - E. parvimamma, Boiss. Low succulent, without spines. Near E. Caput-Medusae. - E. Phillipsiae, N. E. Br. Succulent, spiny, 9-angled shrub.

Near E. Beaumierana. - E. pilulifera, Linn. Low annual with opposite leaves and inconspicuous cyathia in clusters: glands appendaged. - E. piscatoria, Ait. Tropical shrub: narrow leaves at end of branches. Near E. Regis-Jubae. - E. plumerioides, Teysmann. Tropical shrub similar to the previous one. - E. procumbens. Mill. (E. pugniformis, Boiss.). Succulent, not spiny. Near E. Caput-Medusae. B.M. 8082. R.B. 161. - E. punicea, Swartz. Tropical shrub. Near E. atropurpurea. B.R. 190. B.M. 1961. L.B.C. 20:1901. G.C. II. 15:529. - E. pyrifblia, Lam. Semi-succulent shrub, leafy at the apex.

Near E. lophogona. - E. Sapinii, De Wild. Slender, spiny succulent. Near E. cereiformis. G.C. III. 45:66. - E. Schimperi, Presl. Semi-succulent shrub. Near E. Tirucalli. - E. Schimperiana, Hochst. An African annual of Section Tithymalus. This name perhaps used erroneously for E. Schimperi. - E. Scolopendria, Don=E. stellata. - E. scopiformis, Boiss. = E. serpiformis. - E. serpiformis, Boiss. Section Arthrothamnus. Slender-branched semi-succulent shrub with opposite, rudimentary leaves - E. Sib-thorpii, Boiss. Perennial herb. Near E. Wulfenii. - E. Sipollsii, N. E. Br. Slender succulent shrub with decurrent leaf - bases. Near E. pteroneura. - E. spinosa, Linn. Umbellate sub-shrub or herb of S. Eu. Section Tithymalus. - E. stapeliformis, Hort. =E. stapelioides, Boiss.(?). A plant near E. bupleurifolia. - E. Stapfii, Berger. Spiny, succulent, 4-angled shrub. - E. stel-Isespina, Haw. Spiny 10-13-ribbed succulent. Near E. cereiformis. - E. stellata, Willd. (E. uncinata, DC, referred here according to N. E. Br.). Spiny succulent with branches V-shaped in cross-section, and clustered on a short thick stem - E. tetragona, Haw. Spiny, succulent 4-angled tree.

R.B. 39. - E. trigona, Haw. Spiny, succulent, 3-angled shrub, near E. antiquorum. - E. tuber-culdta, Jacq. Low succulent, near E. Caput-Medusae. - E. uncinata =E. stellata.

Other names used but not classified: E. Amelia, Hort. - E. articulata, Hort. - E. aurelia, Hort. (E. Amelia?). - E. Caput Com-melinii, Hort. (E. Caput-Medusae?) - E. Cdput-odordta, Hort. - E. Caput-Simiae, Hort. - E. capensis, Hort, (succulent). - E. colubrina, Hort. - E. cyllndrica, Hort. - E. dentata, Hort. - E. de Smetiana, Hort. - E. erecta, Hort. - E. funalis, Hort. - E. gardeniaefblia, Hort. - E. grdcilis, Hort. - E. Houlletiana, Hort. - E. Houllitii, Hort. - E. longifolia, Hort. - E. mdngador, Hort. (E. mogador, Hort.?). - E. Mllleri. - E. obtusa, Hort. - E. pavoensis, Hort. - E. pulchra, Hort. - E. Pulletiana, Hort. - E. Rebutii, Hort. - E. sahariensis, Hort. - E. waltononiensis, Hort. J B S. Norton