(exo, out, outside, rhiza, root; alluding to the large aerial roots above the ground). Palmaceae, tribe Cocoineae. High-growing pinnate-leaved palm.

Stem or trunk straight, smooth, supported at the base by large aerial, spiny roots: leaves large, pinnate. Allied to Kentia, but distinguished by the imbricate sepals of the staminate flowers, the elongated subulate filaments of the stamens, by the roundish ovate sepals of the pistillate flowers and by the parietal ovule. In Kentia the ovule is basal and erect. Cult, as in Kentia. The following species flowered at Kew in 1901.

Wendlandiana, Becc. (Kentia Exorrhlza, Wendl.). Often more than 60 ft. high but in cult, reaching only 24 ft.: leaves 10-12 ft. long; pinnae alternately arranged, 1-2 in. from each other, becoming 4 ft. long and 2 in. broad, 8-10-nerved: spadix appearing below the leaves, enveloped in thick, coriaceous boat-shaped spathes; spadices 2, much longer than the spathes. Fiji Isls. B-M. 7797. N. Taylor-†