Elements Of Horticulture

Fruit-growing, vegetable-gardening and ornamental planting, with special reference to the farm home.


A personal and informal course for lovers of plants and gardens. The course consists of actual work with identification and growing plants, supplemented by conferences and informal discussions. Attention is given to garden literature and history, planning of grounds.

Cultivated Plants

The relationship and classification of certain economic and ornamental plants of the temperate zone; identification of species; examination of living plants and herbarium specimens.

Evolution Of Horticultural Plants

History, botanical classification, and geographical distribution of cultivated plants; modification under culture; theoretical causes and observed factors that influence variation, particularly food-supply, climate and cross-fertilization.

Amateur Floriculture

Window-gardening; growing of flowers on the home grounds; containers; potting soils; fertilizers; preparation and planting of flower-beds; propagation and culture of plants suitable for window and garden.

Commercial Floriculture

Studies in the propagation and culture of the leading florist crops. As facilities permit, students are assigned space in the greenhouses for practical experience in the growing of roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, violets, sweet peas, and other plants. Discussions on diseases, insects, botany, and the packing, handling, and marketing of cut-flowers and plants for retail and wholesale markets. Classes participate in a required excursion.

Garden Flowers

Designed to acquaint the student with garden plants and to give practical knowledge of the propagation and culture of the annuals, herbaceous perennials, bulbs, and shrubs used for cut-flowers or in ornamental planting.

Greenhouse Construction

The development of the modern greenhouse; types of houses, materials, and methods of construction, installation of heating systems, etc. Laboratory practice in erecting section of cypress and iron frame houses, and in planning and estimating the cost of commercial ranges for flower- and vegetable-production. The class participates in a required excursion.

Greenhouse Management

Studies of the principles and practice of propagation, soils, potting, shifting, watering, ventilation, and fumigation of plants cultivated by florists.

Conservatory Plants

A study of the culture and uses of tropical and subtropical plants grown in conservatories, including palms, ferns, begonias, orchids, etc.

Floral Design

A study of the principles of floral art. Practice in the arrangement of flowers in designs and bouquets, baskets, table decorations, interior decoration, etc.

Greenhouse And Garden Practice

Designed to give the student practical knowledge of greenhouse work. Lectures and exercises in greenhouse management, propagation, composting soils, potting, watering, etc.