Horticulturists should keep in close touch with the experiment stations and state entomologists of their own and of other states, and also with the Department of Agriculture at Washington; for it is from these sources that the best and latest advice regarding injurious insects is now being disseminated free, either by personal correspondence or by means of bulletins. Among the books, one or more of which may well find a place in a horticulturist's library are the following: Weed's "Insects and Insecticides," Lodeman's "The Spraying of Plants," Saunders' "Insects Injurious to Fruits," Sanderson's "Insect Pests of Orchard, Farm and Garden," and Slingerland and Crosby's "Fruit Insects."

M. V. Slingerland.

C. R. Crosby†

Other invertebrate animals.