The main types of dahlias may perhaps be distinguished more clearly by the following scheme:

Single cactus dahlia. (XH)

Fig. 1213. Single cactus dahlia. (XH) a. Plants very dwarf.

1. The Tom Thumb Types.

aa. Plants not very dwarf. b. Flowers single. c. Rays flat, not recurved at the margins.

2. The Single Type. Fig. 1214.

CC. Rays with recurved margins.

3. The Single Cactus Type. Fig. 1213.

bb. Flowers double.

c. Size of flowers small, 1-2 in, across.

d. Rays cupped.

4. The Pompon Type. Fig. 1211. Also called "Bouquet" and "Lilliputian." dd. Rays flat.

5. The Pompon Cactus Type.

cc. Size of flowers large, 3-5 in. across, averaging 4 in.

D. Rays cupped.

E. Colors single, or the edges darker than the ground-color.

6. The Show Type. Fig. 1210.

ee. Colors 2 or more, striped, or with edges lighter than the ground-color.

7. The Fancy Type.

dd. Rays not cupped, but long and flat, or with recurved margins.

8. The Cactus Type. Figs. 1207, 1212.

The original Cactus dahlia.   D. Jaurezii.

Fig. 1207. The original Cactus dahlia. - D. Jaurezii.

Reduced from the Gardeners' Chronicle, where it was first pictured

Dahlia coccinea.

Fig. 1208. Dahlia coccinea.

Redrawn from the Botanical Magazine for 1804.

ddd. Rays various in form.

9. The Decorative Type.

10. The Collarette Type.

11. The Peony-flowered Type; including the fragrant dahlia. Fig. 1215.

Useful dahlias for various purposes, as they exist in North America in 1913:

Cactus Dahlias, For Cut-Flower Purposes

Alexander, Alight, Alfred Vasey, Clara G. Stedwick, Countess of Lonsdale, Dainty, Effective, Eureka, Floradora, Forbes Robertson, Flame, Glory of Wilts, Golden Gem, Gazelle, Gabriel, Gen. Buller, Helene, Henri Cayenx Hereward, Ivernia, Jeannette, J. H. Jackson, J. Weir Fife, Killarney, Lightship Lady Fair, Lady Colin Campbell, Lord of the Manor, Mary Service, Mrs. DeLuca, Mrs. H. L. Brouson, Mrs. Winchester, Mrs. Mortimer, Mrs. Geo. Caselton, Mme. Henri Cayeux, Mrs. MacMullan, Reine Cayeux, Rosa Starr, Reliable, Stella, Sirus, Sandy, Thomas Wilson, and Yonne Cayeux.

Cactus Dahlias For Exhibition Purposes

Amazon, Clincher, Diavolo, Master Carl, Mercury, Mrs. S. T. Wright, Rev. Dr. Baker, Rev. T. W. Jamieson, Royal Scarlet, Schneewitchen, Snowstorm, T. G. Baker, Wellington, Whirlwind, White Swan, Wm. Marshall, W. B. Childs.

Decorative Dahlias For Cut-Flower Purposes

Delice, Himmlische, Jack Rose, Jeanne Charmet, John R. Baldwin, Minos, Maid of Kent, Mme. A. Lumiere, Mme. Victor Vassier, Mme. Van den Dael, Perle de la Tete D'or, Reggie, Souv. de Gustave Douzon, Wilhelm Miller.

Decorative Dahlias For Exhibition Purposes

American Beauty, A. E. Johnson, Blue Oban, Gigantea, Grand Duke Alexis, Gettysburg, Le Grand Manito, Le Mont Blanc, Les Alliees, Mme. Helene Charvet, Mme. Augusta Lumiere, Mademoiselle Galy Miquel, Madame Devinat, Mme. Marze, Morocco, Peerless, Perle de Ocean, Papa Charmet, Ville de Lyon, Yellow Colosse.

Peony-Flowered Dahlias For Cut-Flower Purposes

Admiration, Bertha Von Suttner, Goddess of Fame, Geisha, Marie Studholme, Mrs. A. Piatt, Mrs. Jacques Futrelle, Queen Wilhelmina, and Sunrise.

Peony-Flowered Dahlias For Exhibition Purposes

Hampton Court, King Leopold, Priscilla, Snow Queen, Solfatara, Duke Henry, and Hollandia.

Collarette Dahlias For Massing

Exposition de Lyon, Maurice Rivoire, and President Viger.

Show Dahlias For Exhibition Purposes

Acquisition, Alice Emily, Acme of Perfection, Brown Bess, Dreer's White, Dr. Keynes, Davjd Johnson, Emperor, Ivanhoe, Harrison Weir, Mrs. Susan Wilson, Mme. Heine Furtado, Mme. Marika Anagnostaki, Mme. Alfred Mareau, Merlin, Muriel, Norma, Nugget, Queen of Autumn, Rosebud, Stradella, Standard, W. P. Laird, and Wm. Dodds.

Among the Show dahlias that are the best for flowering are: A. D. Livoni, Arabella, Ansonia, Dr. J. P. Kirkland or Cuban Giant, Dorothy Peacock, Imperial, Miss Fox, Perfection, Storm King, and White Queen.

Show dahlia for bedding purposes. - White Bedder.

Fancy Dahlias Of Merit

Chorister, Chas. Turner, Dazzler, Dorothy, Distinction, Duchess of Albany, English Dandy, Erio Fisher, Gloire de Guiscard, Frank Smith, Frederick Smith, General Grant, Gold Medal, Goldsmith, Geo. Barnes, Hercules, Les Amours de Madame, Lucy Faucett, Mme. Lily Large, Polly San-dull, Rebecca, Rev. J. B. McCamm, S. Mortimer, Sunset, and Wizard.

Pompon Dahlias For Borders Or Hedges

Achilles, Crusoe, Darkness, Fascination, Mabel, Pure Love, Rosalie, Red Indian, Snow Clad, Vivid, and Winifred.

Pompon Dahlias For Exhibition Purposes

Amber Queen, Ideal, Harry, Little Mary, Rosebud, Shalii, and Spy.

Pompon Dahlias For Flowering Purposes

Klein Domitea, Darkest of All, Fairy Queen, Star of the East, and Spy.

Societies and shows. -The dahlia is one of about a dozen genera of plants whose horticultural value has been attested by permanently successful special societies. There are national dahlia societies in England and America. Dahlia shows are usually held the second or third week in September. On December 21, 1906, the New England Dahlia Society was chartered; this Society led to great advancement in the dahlia, holding an annual exhibition in Boston, and issuing monthly a paper known as the "Dahlia News." Great interest was fostered, and in 1913 its membership list included nearly every state in the Union, and six foreign countries. At the present date of writing the New England Dahlia Society is considering the adoption of a new charter, whereby it can become the National Society. Other societies devoted to the welfare of the dahlia have been recently formed; principally "The Dahlia Association of Seattle," "Tacoma Dahlia Society," "Inter-town Dahlia Association" in Connecticut.

A broad rayed single dahlia. (X 1/2)

Fig. 1214. A broad-rayed single dahlia. (X 1/2)