Comparatively few people can afford a "Japanese garden," but no one need deprive himself of a "Japanese corner" or "Japanese border" in which the most interesting plants of Japan may be grown by themselves according to American floricultural methods. No equal area in the world furnishes so large a list of desirable ornamental plants as Japan.

Ten of the flowers most popular in Japan: Apricot, Japanese, Prunus Mume. Cherry, Prunus Pseudo-Cerasus. Chrysanthemum spp. Iris, Japanese, Iris lævigata. Lily, Japanese, Lilium auratum. Maple (autumn leaves considered as "flowers"). Morning-glory, Ipomæa spp. Peony, Pæonia spp. Plum, Japanese, Prunus triflora. Quince, Japanese, Cydonia Japonica.

Six shrubs from Japan: Aucuba Japonica. Bamboo, Bambusa pygnuea Cherry, Flowering, Prunus Pseudo-Cerasus. Fatsia Japonica (Japanese rice paper plant). Ligustrum Japonicum. Rhodotypos Kerrioides.

Twenty perennials from Japan suited for the hardy border: Anemone cernua. Anemone Japonica. Aralia cordata. Aquilegia Buergeriana. Aster Tataricus. Astilbe Japonica. Campanula punctata. Dicentra spectabilis. Epimedium macranthum. Eulalia, Miscanthus spp. Funkia spp. Hemerocauis spp. Iris lævigata.

Lily, Japanese, Lilium auratum. Ophiopogon spp. Peony, Pæonta officinalis. Peony Tree, Pæonia Moutan.

Perennials from Japan - Continued Petasites Japonica, var. gigantea. Sedum Siebaldii Thermopsis fabacea.

Six hardy bulbs from Japan:

Black Lily, Fritillarta Camschatcensis.

Lilium speciosum.

Lily, Tiger, Lilium tigrinum.

Lycoris sanguinea.

Lycoris squamigera.

Narcissus Tazetta.