In a note recently, it was stated that this gentleman was born on the 12th of April, 1800. This is on the authority of Shirley Hibberd's Almanack for 1876. A correspondent points out that Lippin-cott's Biographical Dictionary gives the date as February 12th, 1809, which strikes us as being more likely to be correct.

Hand Book for Fruit Growers, by F. R. Elliott. PublShed by D. M. Dewey, Rochester, N. Y. What comes of all the fruit trees raised and sold annually in the United States? This question is often asked, and the response is, most of them die. There is a sad want of knowledge among the people, notwithstanding the great number of fruit books and agricultural magazines. As for the general fruit books, they are mostly too expensive and too elaborate for just the class who lose the most trees. A first-class book, yet cheap, touching on even' branch of fruit culture, ought to be immensely salable, and of great use, and we think this little attempt •' fills the bill" exactly. There is often much grumbling about the bad doings of tree agents and tree peddlers, but if they could be induced to take around with them a little book like this to sell while taking orders, we think it would balance accounts with a world of sin.