Transactions for 1875. Chicago meeting. Edited by the Secretary, W. C. Flagg, Moro, Ills.

There have been no issues of the transactions of this Society that were not a credit to the Society and to the country. It will be no discredit to them to say that, in real value, we regard this one as the most valuable of all; for horticulture is expected to be progressive, and its literature should travel the same way. A great advantage to the Society on this occasion is that the whole will be fresh to the reader. In former years the matter had mostly found publication before the volume appeared.

Mr. Flagg has had a great deal to do in getting together the matter for the volume. The bulk of oversight of the printing has fallen on Mr. P. Barry, who thus earns an additional claim to the consideration in which he is already held by American horticulturists. The volume is free to members, and four dollars sent to Mr. P. James, Cambridge, Mass., renders one eligible to membership.