We seldom see in pleasure grounds the Andromeda arborea (sometimes called Lyonia arborea), and yet it is one of the prettiest of deciduous trees of moderate growth, and when in blossom it forms an object of singular elegance. The tree is somewhat erect in its habit of growth, and is clothed with largish oblong serrated leaves, which have an acid flavor, whence it has been called the Sorrel-tree. But its chief interest is to be found in its flowers, which are so much like the bells of the Lily of the Valley in outward aspect that the branched panicles might almost be imagined to be made up of a loose cluster of Lily spikes. The resemblance of the horizontal one-sided racemes is, indeed, so striking, that the name of Lily-of-the-Valley Tree might not inappropriately be applied to the species, the more so as it inhabits the valleys of the Alleghenies. This is one of the choice, old-fashioned, neglected plants one meets with in such collections as that at the Knap Hill Nursery.- Gardeners' Chronicle.