A. Hance & Son write: "By to-day's mail we send a couple of specimens of wild goose plum. These were taken from a tree selected as a genuine wild goose out of a lot sent us by Sam'l A. Baker, Davidson Co., Tenn., the disseminator of the wild goose plum, and who claims to own the original tree. They are not quite up to the usual size, owing perhaps to the very dry weather we are having. There is also a beautiful bloom on the fruit as it hangs on the tree, but which was rubbed off those we send in picking. It may be seen about the stem, however."

[Please don't any correspondent write any more about wild goose plum. This is a good enough plum for a native plum, but no more like Myers' than a damson is like a prune. They must be all named over again - then they will be "genuine." - Ed. G. M.]