A correspondent from S. E. New Jersey asks: "Can you give in the Gardener's Monthly a list of late-keeping apples of good quality and production? I have the Winesap, but would like several other varieties, suited to our soil and climate, which will keep till March or later."

[We have "official records" at hand that would enable us to answer this question in a manner that ought to be satisfactory. We undertook to answer a question like this in regard to Northern Ohio, from similar "authorities," and our readers may remember the trouble we got into. Of course, not residing in these sections, we have no other sources of information to fall back on as regards these local affairs. We have an idea what kinds we should plant in that part of the world, but Would prefer that some one on the spot should answer. In case no one responds, we will then give a list that we should recommend. - Ed. G. M.]