This pretty, hardy herbaceous plant, says L' Hort. Belgique, enters into the composition of the German perfume, known as "maitrank."

Hydrangea, "Thomas Hogg." - This beautiful pure white variety of Hydrangea hortensis we understand is now ready for sale, and has been sent to England for distribution. It will no doubt be one of the most popular plants sent out from the English nurseries, and is expected to yield the parties concerned an immense sum, which their enterprise and industry well deserve.

Viburnum plicatum - This, the Japan Snowball of our gardens, is becoming well known in our country, where it thrives well. Its hardiness and great beauty will long ensure popularity for it. It does not seem to be so well and favorably known In England. It forms the subject of a full page engraving in the Gardener's Chronicle.