As the the Editor sat in his well-worn chair, the Publisher, with a look of horror, threw him the following card, and demanded an explanation:

"My subscription to the Gardener's Monthly expired with the February number. Do not wish to renew, as I have lost about $10 in Silver Thorn plants, owing to the Editor's directions as to their management. J. D. Lee, Athens, 111."

We have looked through all our back numbers where any mention is made of the Silver Thorn, and see nothing calculated to have led J. D. Lee astray. It is a pity he was not more explicit and did not point to the page and volume from which he derived ten dollars worth of ruin; as however he seems lost to us forever, it is of no use to ask him now. The loss to our friend would sit very heavy on our conscience did we not feel that in the seventeen years he has been a reader, he derived profit enough to overbalance this loss.

It is said that when Barney was reprimanded for hoeing off the carnations, he pleaded that his master ought to be thankful that he had not hoed out the geraniums also! We trust our correspondent had some good from the geraniums at any rate, and that after his desperate remedy his Silver Thorns will live.

For the benefit of those who will read these remarks, let us say that the Editor does not profess to hold all knowledge in the palm of his hand, and is not infallible. The advice he gives is only to the best of his knowledge and belief, and even when he gives advice, it must be remembered that very much depends on the applicant's application of it,