Man is a pretty smart sort of a creature, and has managed in various ways to evade the primeval curse with tolerable success. The old-fashioned hoe we have, however, regarded as just about the same as it was in the days of Adam, and we have an absolute surety that when he went out to fight the thorns, thistles, and noxious weeds with one of these back-achers, he must, more than at any other time, have felt that his rank disobedience, or giving way to feminine persuasion, which ever it was, did not pay at all.

We have watched continually for some good thing to supersede this abominable implement, and have from time to time given sketches of wheel hoes of various kinds. The present one (see illustration) is certainly the best of all we have seen. It indeed reduces hoeing to an amusemerit, and might be sent to gymnasiums, or tc dyspeptic clergymen, as a means of gentle exercise in the garden, of benefit both to body and mind. The machine has been introduced to us by Mr. Thomas Jackson, of Portland, Maine, who is doing good service in distributing it.

Beecroft's Wheel Hoe