Last spring this variety of Agave flowered here. It threw up a central stem to the height of four feet, on the top of which the flowers were produced, extending downwards about fifteen inches. They were bell-shaped, about one inch across, and of a pale pea green color. Those lowest down expanded first, and the others followed in slow succession for nearly a month. The effort of flowering seemed to have exhausted the plant, and its faded appearance afterwards certainly justified the frequently expressed opinion of callers, that its days were numbered. As the plant was a fine specimen, I would have regretted its loss. I therefore endeavored to save it, and kept it perfectly dry until it had sent up a new crown, which it did about the first of September. From that time it was regularly watered as it needed, and now, October 2nd, the leaves have regained their fresh appearance, and the plant seems as healthy as though it never had flowered.