By W. H. Brewer, Sereno Watson, and Asa Gray.- We briefly noted the appearance of this in our last. The work is now before us, and we take occasion to say that only for the liberality of a few gentlemen of San Francisco, botanists and horticulturists would still be without any work of reference to the flora from this interesting part of the world. What we have hitherto learned of the flora of California has had to be gathered from numerous tracts or memoirs scattered through the proceedings of various scientific societies, or the reports of various government exploring expeditions; and even this information was often inaccurate and incomplete. During 1860 - 64, in the progress of the Whitney geological survey, Dr. W. H. Brewer took charge of and mostly made the botanical collections, and since that time additional collections have been made by Dr. Bo-lander, Dr. Cooper, Mr. Lemmon and others, and the hard work of getting this material ready for the press was undertaken by the three eminent botanists whose names are given above.

Unfortunately the Legislature of California refused any further appropriations to the survey in 1873, without making any provision for bringing before the world the results of the other portions of the survery already in course of publication, and nothing for botany whatever.

Fortunately some liberal and public-spirited citizens already referred to, came forward with the means. Their names are as follows, and we are glad to place them on record in our pages, that all may know to whose liberality in the the failure of their own representatives we are so much indebted for this valuable contribution: Leland Stanford, D. 0. Mills, Lloyd Tevis, J. C. Flood, Charles McLaughlin, R. B. Woodward, Wm. Norris, John 0. Earl, Henry Pierce, Oliver Eldredge, and S. Clinton Hastings. This volume covers but half the work. It is sold by Mr. Se-reno Watson, Cambridge, Mass., at $6. As soon as enough has been sold to warrant it, the sum so received will be used to issue the second volume, So many of our most beautiful cultivated flowers are Californian, that horticulturists as well as botanists will be glad to secure a copy.