Round, very white skin with red cheek, 7 to 8 inches in circumference, rather tart in flavor, probably from the distance requiring them to be gathered before quite ripe, but very juicy and refreshing; flesh and stone greenish white. This was as large as any of our best peaches, and equal to the average in general qualities. It was the largest early peach we have ever seen, and if in this climate it should prove as -large, and as good, it would soon put all those we have aside. The actual value, however, of course depends on how it compares with our popular kinds, when grown side by side in this latitude, or with others in California. Of this last point Mr. Briggs says:

"I have been requested by John Rock, of San Jose, Cal., to send you by mail specimens of the Red May peach. It originated with me, and is fully twenty days earlier than Hale's Early. We have had a remarkably wet season and the peach on that account is not as well flavored as usual. The Red May has been placed on the San Francisco market for the last four years, on from the 27th to the 30th. There have been at the date of this over 5,000 bushels of the Red May placed on this market. Last season they were all gone on the 18th of June."