Of all the pretty flowers that abound in California, we know of nothing prettier than the twining Hyacinth. The flowers are a very fine pink, or deep rose. It grows in the mountains and twines over every bush it can reach, and the flower-stem goes to the top of the bush to which it is attached, no matter if it is five or ten feet. After it gets to the top of the bush and rests awhile to be sure it has got a good hold, it lets go of the earth and goes on blooming and seeding for weeks and months, regardless of the burning sun by day or the cool mountain air by night. The leaves are long, narrow and grass-like. The roots are very deep, and being entangled with the roots of shrubs and bushes, it is next to impossible to get them up. This plant is in flower at all times from May to September. The flower-stem breaks off near the ground, and the flowers are left swinging in the air without any connection with earth or root, supported by the bush about which it twines.- James Vick.