Mr. Radclyffe must have written in fun when he recommends Madame C. Joigneaux and Charles Lefebvre as button-hole Roses; but he might as well have "gone the whole hog " and recommended a full-expanded Paul Neron. He omits many beautiful buttonhole Roses - e.g., Madam Falcot, Madam F. Janin, La Boule de Neige, and Prince Camille de Rohan (in bud). There are several fine Teas, too, of late introduction that he does not mention; for instance, Anna Ollivier, very fine in bud for button-holes, and Amazone, the same. I do not think we shall find many rosarians recommend Abbe Bramerel, Maxime de la Rocheterie or Baron Chaurand for any purpose.- P., in Journal of Horticulture.