Prof. Bessey, Ames, Iowa, says: "I must enter a protest against friend Stauffer's article, 'King Forming Fungus,' in September Gardener's Monthly. Had the writer thereof consulted Dr. Farlow, Dr. Peck, or any one else versed in mycology, he would not have inflicted upon us those hard names, while he was guessing for one to fit his wonder. He probably had, judging from his description, one of those curious Organisms known as the Myxomycetal, and it is more than likely that it was Spumaria alba, as I have found this species presenting an appearance exactly like that noticed by Mr. Stauffer.

And while I am about it, I may as well say that Mr. S. might have as properly given us the old'Linnaean System' for our flowering plants as the one he outlined for fungi."

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