I send you by to-day's mail a plate taken from the same kind of peaches sent you, only the ones sent to Dewey were larger than the ones sent you. I also sent some to Chas. Downing, who says it is a new peach. Rivers, of England, has sent out a yellow peach called the Comet, and it will therefore be necessary to give this one a new name, and I have decided to call it the Billier's Comet. It originated with a Mr. Billier, in Kent County, Md., and has been known in that county for several years as "Billier's Comet." The buds I received from R. G. Hanford I learn are from the yellow peach sent out by Rivers of England, which he named the Comet, which is described as ripening about the same time as this. On account of the wet, cold weather during the past summer, the peach was not so highly flavored as in previous years; still it sold for a big price in Washington, D. C. market. It is from two to three weeks later than the Salway. This peach originated in Kent Co., Md.

[We have before given our opinion of this excellent Peach, under the provisional name of Comet,-Ed. G. M.]