His Majesty, the King of the Netherlands, has •deigned to accept the patronage of this Exhibition and to express sincere sympathy with the aim the Commission has in view. In consequence, the Exhibition finds itself powerfully supported, and the chances of success have considerably increased.

The Board of Directors of the Exhibition, now constituted, have been duly empowered by the Commission for the regulation of National and International Horticultural Exhibitions in the Palace of Industry and by the deputies of the cooperating horticultural societies and similar associations and establishments in this country.

It is intended to establish Correspondents in all the provinces of Netherlands, to whose care the promotion of the interests of the Exhibition will be entrusted.

Though the duration of the Exhibition cannot be fixed at present, it may be safely relied upon, that it will be opened in the month of April 1877.

The Programma of the Exhibition of Horticultural Products (not to be mistaken for the Exhibition of Vegetable Produce, of which the projected programma has been inserted in Bulletin No. 2) will be distributed simultaneously with the present Bulletin. This Programma is only provisional, as it will shortly be followed by a statement of the prizes to be awarded, and of the regulations for the contribution of articles and subsequent competition.

Applications have been made to the Directors of Railway, Steamer and other Companies in order to obtain lower freights and thereby to reduce the expenses on the expected packages.

The Board is happy to state that it has not been disappointed in its expectation of obtaining the moral and material aid of the Dutch Government.

In conceived copies of dispatches from the Consul-General at Bern and the Minister-Resident at Rome, containing some observations and particulars, which were read with great interest and acknowledged with thanks.

On application to the Minister of Finances, His Excellency has decided, that, subject to certain formalities to be made known afterwards, the custom-house examinations are to take place on the grounds of the Exhibition, and that freedom of duty will be granted to dutiable goods, which may remain unsold and be re-exported.

Amongst various communications, all manifesting the greatest sympathy with the undertaking, the Board begs to make mention with particular pleasure of a letter from Mr. Otto Blanck, Consul at Stockholm, in which this gentleman not only expresses his readiness to contribute to its realization, but also informs the Board, that he has already commenced operations by distributing the projected Programma of Vegetable Produce, after translating it into Swedish.

As already observed on a former occasion, the Press has shown by its co operation its warm sympathy with the undertaking; and the editors of the most accredited Dutch and Foreign periodicals and newspapers, wishing to lend their valuable aid, have inserted the Programmes and Bulletins in their publications, of which the Board have received copies.

To be had on post-paid application: a. The programme of the Exhibition of Vegetable Produce the programme of the Horticultural Exhibition.

Both a and 6, not only in Dutch, but also in French, German and English.

Please direct all letters and communications, connected with the Exhibition, to the General Secretary of the Board, Mr. H. Groenewegen, 5, Oetewalerweg, Amsterdam.

[It is very pleasant to us to be able to lay this letter before our readers, showing as it does, how deep is the interest in horticulture in the old world. Horticulture does not mean there as it often does here, the growing of a few fruits and vegetables for market, but it is a tasteful art, cultivated by all to as great an extent as painting or music, and we hope to see it so here some day. - Ed. G. M.]