My chief reason for writing this note is that myself and others may be enabled to successfully perform what is commonly termed June budding of the peach. I will first say what I have done. Last year, 1875, knowing that others had made it a success, I began by setting a few buds in that year's peach stocks about July 1st. The stocks were less than the size of a lead pencil, the buds were the nearest developed that could be found. Every one united with the stock, and in about eight days after setting I cut the stock off close to the bud, which was inserted some three inches above the ground. These died - root and all- within two weeks from being cut off, although the season was very favorable and some of them showed signs of starting.

July 12th I set sixty buds, which all united, and part of them I cut off to the bud in about ten days. The buds in those cut off made a growth of from six inches to a foot.

About June 15th I set a dozen peach buds taken from the new growth in stocks of the previous year's growth. These united and I cut off the stocks, and the buds made a growth of some two feet.

Now my inferences from this experience are, that these last mentioned buds set in the old stocks succeeded, and that one might save stocks that way in which buds had failed that were set the fall previous. That the first buds and stocks both of the new growth, were, when tried (July 1st) too green or tender.

That those set July 12th made only a poor growth, although the season was all that one could desire.

I desire that Mr. Bilyeu, and others of experience, may give the readers of this journal the benefit of their experience, so far as they can, by written directions in this matter.