Southern Thornless Red Raspberry has more than sustained the promise of last season. Considerably resembling the Brandywine in appearance, it is decidedly better in quality, and customers who would not have the Brandywine, were satisfied with the Southern Thornless Red.

Norwood Prolific does not appear to be adapted to this section.

Prouty's Seedling Strawberry I consider worth all the new varieties of the last ten years, for this section. The foliage is healthy, growth strong, it bears abundantly, and the fruit is very firm and the best in quality of some dozen varieties I fruited.

Snyder Blackberry is a very vigorous grower, and from reports of it from other sections I hoped to find it a good thing for home use at least, but the quality of the fruit was not satisfactory. Probably it requires a heavier soil.

Hoosac Thornless does not succeed on our sandy soil - growth rather light and fruit small.