A Kentucky correspondent writes: "I take the liberty of writing you regarding Crataegus Pyracantha, which is now exciting a good deal of attention in these parts, though very little is 'known of its merits as a hedge plant. Do you believe it would be hardy down here? That is, hardy to the extent of carrying its foliage throughout the winter. I am glad your Monthly is getting along finely."

[The common Pyracantha is a rather straggling bush, and has to be kept in order by the shears. The White-Berried Pyracantha is a dense close grower, and makes a beautiful close hedge without trimming. It is rather a slow grower, but as there is nothing lost by cutting back, as in most fast growing things, it comes up in about the same time. The white-berried kind is very much the hardiest, and keeps green all winter. It must be raised from cuttings. - Ed. G. M.]